3 thoughts on “Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?

  1. Great video, indeed. And especially thanks to Truthstream Media for emphasizing the “bot” aspect. I know and have known since at least 2019 that much of the traffic to my omegabooksnet.com author website was likely at least half “bots.” There are days when all of a sudden I get 200 or 300 hundred views after getting maybe an average of 20 for about a week…. right–200 views and hardly any referals? No free PDF downloads? And of course, many of these “views” are from China (some use their Baidu search engine…so is Baidu using these “bots”?) or India. I may be wrong, but I seriously doubt it. I even wonder if some of my followers are “bots”! Because Satan (the enemy of Christ) just has to have his kicks, doncha know.

    1. We are now getting quite a few spam in our comments written in Chinese.
      The bots are an intrusion into our privacy, here like a peeping tom or a sneak thief.

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