Where Has All the Ammo Gone?

Aug 14, 2020
The record-setting run on guns has left many store shelves bare, and while firearms and ammunition manufacturers are producing as much as they can, gun owners are getting increasingly concerned about how long the shortage might last. Cam breaks down the reasons for the lack of ammunition, as well as when we may expect to see some relief.

12 thoughts on “Where Has All the Ammo Gone?

  1. Primers.
    Ain’t none.
    I buy a few hundred when I can find them.
    Recently found some pistol bullets I use in stock. But primers are so far behind. CCI is the only domestic primer maker and they are millions of primers behind on their contracts so they are not making retail boxes.

    I’m glad I have a lot of ammo in 6 calibers and I have thousands of rounds of components waiting to get assembled. Still need more. As always.

    Get your trump hat. So you can look like a douche bag like your friends and neighbors. Lol

      1. I’d hate to even say how much I spent on my last 2000 rounds
        Never to see those prices again

        I knew it
        So I spent the money and stashed them

        Make friends with a guy that’s got a progressive loader that might need dies to trade for labor ( I get my dies back)

    1. Thanks. I have plenty.
      Just always like to have more.
      Especially reload components. Just in case. Only having problems with Finding primers locally. Hazmat shipping fees suck so I don’t online buy those. But I have dozens of 100/pk in a few different types.
      My last build is a .458socom ar pistol. Just bought some more ammo for it today. From black butterfly. I need to get dies and stuff to start pressing my own on those.
      5.56/ 9mm/.45acp/6.5gren/22lr/.458socom
      And the 12 Semi , 12 pump and 30.30 lever but I don’t like shooting them so I don’t. I have a shotgun reloaded I’ve never used.
      I might have a problem. But when someone gives me or sells real cheap it’s hard to say no.

      1. That’s what I’m looking for
        A 12 G reloader
        Those semi auto 12 gauges are a blast to run
        But sure can eat up some shells

        1. They can be had at reasonable prices. If they still can be found. This is an ask style which is why I hate it.

          Update. Decided to get the dies for .458 last night after this article. Classic firearms tends to have a selection.

  2. As a continuous user , and reloader
    I saw this coming way off
    Even mentioned it here
    Hope people got what they needed
    Because it’s shit like this that comes up missing , right before yer gonna need it

    I can go through 100’s of different caliber rounds per month
    Sometimes way more

    I’ve backed down on my live fire range time , turned some of that time into tactical learning and less than lethal exercises

    Not going to expend what I can’t replace

    1. Need those tools too man. A good mill is 3 grand, lathe about the same. Worth every penny though.

      6 grand you can have a sweet set up, yes alot of money but goddamnit, necessary.But then you need 2 phase power for the good stuff. You can get away with 110.

      1. Yeah I missed out on the mills before they became hard to obtain
        Out of stock issues I believe are on purpose
        But , where there’s a will there’s a way
        In the meantime I’m building what I have
        All I need now is a small army to outfit

    2. I’m still getting my reloading supplies fairly cheap. Primers are up about $10 a 1000 and powder is up $5 a pound but still available at the local shop. rmrbullets have 223/5.56 now, Colorado bullet seems to be keeping up, Missouri Bullet Co is accepting back orders.

      I just got 1000 308 from Midway for 24 cents and 2000 9mm from Missouri for 8 cents. It’s out there you just have to look.

      No one is coming to save you, if you don’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it, be prepared.


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