3 thoughts on “Where NOT to be when the DOLLAR COLLAPSE happens

  1. The person (male) who did the speaking in this video talks toooo fast, doesn’t know where to pause and where to put emphasis in his words.
    The comments are delivered with a flat tone that should come slower and with more punch in certain areas.
    It is an important piece of information but should be delivered by someone with better talking skills.

  2. These elite are very crafty people and I have come to the conclusion that they are capable of bringing on chaos before the dollar collapses. Has anyone noticed the fooling around with the electric grid. I have. They can shut it down that will be no different than a economic collapse. So they can continue to feed it until they carry out their plan. They had hoped to have a major war going by now so as to blame the collapse on it. Is anyone aware of the over fifty ships exposed on radar near the coast of the Middle Eastern shores of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and No Carolina? Look it up. Something is coming down very soon.

  3. I have been harping forever that the Enemy is the Evil Elitist Hoard of the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank whose Army is the CIA & their airline is Evergreen Air of McMinnville, OR…..Anything to do with these sources & Goldman Sachs is guaranteed to lead to the truths of the Guide Stones of Georgia for population reduction to 500 million total world wide. Beware, I predict the day of reckoning is Dec. 23, 2013, the day the charter for the Federal Reserve is due for renewal & the day the stock holders of Goldman Sachs swore to have the New World Order fully in place……Hurry folks with your gathering of brothers & sisters to regain our Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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