Which Countries Have the Biggest Crude Oil Reserves?

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Crude oil is a fossil fuel derived from marine plants and animals that died millions of years ago, before the dinosaurs. In its liquid form, crude oil can be found underground in reservoirs, sedimentary rocks, and tar sands. 

Crude oil has been used to produce petroleum products such as gasoline, waxes, and plastics. It has also been heavily used in manufacturing, industrialization, and transportation. Since crude oil is found in certain geological areas, some countries are more likely than others to be sitting on large oil reserves. Our new visualization shows how much oil is in each country’s reserves. Oil reserves are measured in Gbbl (billion barrels). Our data comes from the CIA Factbook.

Top 10 Countries With the Biggest Crude Oil Reserves

1. Venezuela: 300.9 Gbbl

2. Saudi Arabia: 266.5 Gbbl

3. Canada: 169.7 Gbbl

4. Iran: 158.4 Gbbl

5. Iraq: 142.5 Gbbl

6. Kuwait: 101.5 Gbbl

7. UAE: 97.8 Gbbl

8. Russia: 80 Gbbl

9. Libya: 48.4 Gbbl

10. U.S.: 36.5 Gbbl

About half of the countries in the top ten list are located in the Middle East/North Africa region.  Six of these countries–Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Libya–are members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Interestingly, there is no clear correlation between the country’s size and its amount of oil reserves. For example, Kuwait, which has a landmass of 17,818 sq km, has 101.5 Gbbl in oil reserves, whereas Russia, which has a landmass almost ten times larger, only has 80 Gbbl in oil reserves.

While the products created with crude oil can make life and work easier, the costs to wildlife and the environment can be negative due to issues such as pollution and oil spills. The varied amounts of oil reserves in each country can also lead to an imbalance of energy imports and exports. Since the U.S. hosts only about 36.5 billion barrels of the world’s crude oil reserves and imports almost 8 million barrels per day, finding alternate forms of energy is more important than ever. Check out this visualization to see how some states are turning more and more to wind power.

Data: Table 1.1


11 thoughts on “Which Countries Have the Biggest Crude Oil Reserves?

  1. “10. U.S.: 36.5 Gbbl”



    This article is full of cr@p.

    1. We always have had, we’ve been soooooo screwed. People are floating around in our yachts, and flying around in our private jets and living in our goddamned ranch houses.

      1. It just REALLY PISSES ME OFF that we have WAY MORE than they’re telling us, Mark (and I think fred is right about more than the rest of the world combined, but it’s irrelevant after a certain point anyway). We should be supplying the rest of the world… NOT PAYING THROUGH THE NOSE FOR THE SH#T!!!!!

        1. “We should be supplying the rest of the world… NOT PAYING THROUGH THE NOSE FOR THE SH#T!!!!!”

          I disagree. We should be burning only what we need for our own uses and only breathing as much of it as we have to. F-k the rest of the world.
          Tesla tried to give the world free clean energy which is the root of freedom.
          Whatever finished products we as individuals want to sell outside this country, be they made of timber, copper, steel, or lead, we should only be able to sell that which is our individual portion.
          The mountains of gold, and I do mean goddamn mountains, is the proof that a handful have taken grossly more than their share to hand over to their jewish masters.
          F-k America First, how about America Only, the rest of the world has nothing we need, thus they only engage us to take from what is ours, as they despise our f-king guts and work internationally to put us in a ditch with holes in our heads.

          1. “We should be burning only what we need for our own uses…”


            Best case scenario, however… we should all be driving the cars that were built by the guys in Colorado & Australia that ran on water alone.

            Funny thing, though… both committed suicide.

  2. NWO HATER is correct. Oil is not a goddamn ” fossil fuel.” It is ABIOTIC – made by the Earth every minute of every day. The USA has more oil reserves than the rest of the world COMBINED. A new world order asshole was paid to proclaim oil as fossil fuel to promote the favorite NWO control program — SCARCITY. Come on, trenches, you usually got your shit together. What happened ?

    The Dirty Truth About Oil
    For those looking to go deeper:
    An interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the book, “The Great Oil Conspiracy,” wherein he details the hoax of peak oil, how the Nazis ran their war machine on synthetic oil, and how oil is REALLY formed: hhttps://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/which-countries-have-the-biggest-crude-oil-reserves/245521#commentsttps://youtu.be/DFA99XgKdQ4 At 12:00 minutes — abiotic oil

    Abiotic Oil – The “fossil fuel” fraud exposed – YouTube
    Geologic Oil : The Fraud of “fossil fuels” – YouTube
    Discovery backs theory oil not ‘fossil fuel’ – WND
    Etymology of Petroleum – ‘Peak Oil’ – Fake ‘Scarcities …
    Oil Is NOT A Fossil Fuel, It Is Abiotic (Renewable)

    What’s really disappointing is that my original link & info about Jacque Fresco’s Venus project & a youtube video about Abiotic oil CAME FROM THIS TRENCHES SITE YEARS AGO. It is no longer active. Why ?

    Sure hope Trenches hasn’t gone to the dark side.


    1. Before the industrial revolution and the beginning of the burning of petroleum, my great great grandfather breathed a lot cleaner air than I do. Leakage from pipelines and storage tanks into the water I drink, the pumping of petroleum products into the air I breathe. Think about it, the benzene, the PCBs.
      What are you, an oil company shill? Do you understand what this issue means to a f-king slave? Not a goddamn thing.
      Go f-k Agenda 21. Go f-k the oil companies and their fracking. Go f-k the EPA. Go f-k every f-king strip miner and gold miner who have dumped toxins into my drinking water.
      I grew up in the f-king mountains and I see what you greedy mother f-kers have done to the planet that gave me life and the poisoning you have left for my grandchildren as you institute your phony f-king embargos for your jewish masters so I am paying $3 a gallon at the pump for your poison so you can get a bigger pile of gold.
      How about this? You’ve made us so f-king poor we don’t give a f-k where it comes from. We can’t afford it anyway, and yes we are the mass f-king majority out here.
      Our last generation did not reproduce our numbers which means we should have more than the generation before us and need less developed, yet all I see are you greedy mother f-kers ripping to pieces everything I hold precious. And the people would never need any fraudulent UN law or fraudulent administrative admiralty law to deal would you. This is what you hide behind, you are the sons of bitches that created it.
      I am an individual free sovereign national for the united States of the Americas and you can take your industrial greedy corporate ass somewhere else until the time comes to answer for the destruction you have caused to my world.
      Again, not one goddamn thing you had to say in your comment is relevant to a f-king slave, you corporate piece of shit. Now go f-k yourself.

    2. Fred is one of these guys who thinks his shit smells better than ours.

      Oh and by the way,

      The tingling in our hands and feet is from arsenic found in our goddamned drinking water and food. Petroleum products manufacturing process helped put it there. They try and pass it off as diabetis being the total cause, BULLSHIT!!

    3. Fred, I can’t forget Corsi was a spook. So I consider the source.

      For years I’ve been watching the abiotic/fossil debate, always saying to myself, “What the hell do I know?” But yeah, like Henry, I see the ugly fruits of this industry, on our lives, on our earth. The poverty and worse, the wars, genocide, murder, death, whatever you want to call them. All anti-life, anti-health, anti-continuance.

      And “crude” doesn’t only mean raw or unrefined; it also means offensively course or rude. Funny that they chose such a word.

      You wonder if “Trenches hasn’t gone to the dark side.” Guess you don’t spend much time here ’cause you might have been blinded by the LIGHT.

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