Whiny “Pepper Spray Cop” Demanding Compensation For ‘Psychiatric Injury’

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

Ah, the predator playing victim! Poor baby!  “Pepper Spray Cop” claims he’s been mentally injured by the backlash after the incident when he pepper spraying  peacefully protesting college students. Now, “Pepper Spray Cop” wants us tax payers to compensate him for HIS injuries!!

Officer John Pike was fired about eight months after his antics at the University of California-Davis became the subject of a viral Internet meme that saw thousands of famous photos edited to include him pepper-spraying various people and things.  

He’s expected to be appearing at a settlement hearing in August, according to The Associated Press, where Pike hopes to be awarded compensation for a “psychiatric injury.”

Pike claims he received dozens of threatening messages following the pepper-spraying incident, thanks to hackers who dredged up his personal information and shared it widely.



10 thoughts on “Whiny “Pepper Spray Cop” Demanding Compensation For ‘Psychiatric Injury’

  1. “WAHH!!! I can’t believe people are sending me threatening letters. I was just doing my job. Now I have nightmares every night. I can’t go on. My life is ruined.”


    Hmm…Maybe if he did his job and arrested the real criminals in our government, we might forgive him a little. Until then, F**K YOU and I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL! PIG! (and an extremely fat one at that. Just look at his face. OINK! OINK! OINK!)

  2. Another bottom feeder looking for a free ride on the taxpayer train. He was tough thug douching down those kids with OC; he can suck it up & crawl back under the cow patties.

  3. Hey coward cop, stick a .44 in your mouth and pull the trigger, that should cure your ‘psychiatric injuries’ forever. You cowardly puke! Have another donut!

  4. We should make an example of this sorry son of a bitch that would make other police and government personnel think twice about abusing us citizens.

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