Whistleblower: Obama Was Indonesian Citizen & Given Financial Aid As Foreign Student At Occidental College

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Dr. Orly Taitz has been pushing the Barack Obama eligibility issue for some time now. She has sought to go specifically through the court system and back in February she attempted to press the Supreme Court to move to oral arguments on Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president of the United States. She is also one that questions the motives of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo in their investigation. In June she presented additional information to the Superior Court of California in the Fourth District Court of Appeals in the case of Taitz v. Obama, Feinstein, Emken (The case number is G047746 and the Superior Court case number is 30-2012-00582135), in which she is seeking to have Barack Obama produce his registration record at Occidental College.   

According to a press release from Orly Taitz:

A whistle-blower from Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany New York came forward and advised Attorney Orly Taitz that she personally reviewed Barack Obama’s financial aid information, which stated that financial aid was given to Obama as foreign student and as a citizen of Indonesia.

In the original case there were over 100 pages that documented that Barack Obama was a citizen of Indonesia at the time he attended Occidental and that he has used fraudulent means to secure Identification.

However, Superior Court Judge Charles Marginis ruled in favor of Occidental College and denied Taitz’s motion to force them to produce Obama’s college registration forms.

Kathleen O’Leary, the Chief Judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeals, then re-instated the appeal.

In Taitz’s press release she writes, “Additionally, Obama failed to submit the Appellee’s brief in Taitz v Obama, Feinstein, Emken. This is an appeal, which was reinstated by the Chief Judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeal Kathleen O’Leary. Appellant Taitz filed her Appellant’s brief.”

“Appellees failed to file an Appellees’ brief,” the press release continued. “They were given additional 15 days and they failed again. Attorney Taitz submitted a notice of failure by Appellees to file an Appellee’s brief and provided the court with this additional information, as part of the appeal revolves around the decision by the Superior Court judge Charles Marginis to rule in favor of the Occidental college and deny a motion to compel production of a redacted  college registration for Obama in light of over a 100 pages of records showing Obama to be a citizen of Indonesia using forged and fraudulently obtained IDs.”

As a result, Taitz submitted the new information to the Superior Court claiming “Whistleblower wrote for Taitz in her own handwriting her first and last name, her work e-mail address, her personal e-mail address and her home and cell phone numbers.”

“Taitz did her due diligence and independently verified that the whistleblower is indeed employed by the Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany, New York” Taitz’s submittal read. “She further checked that Obama transferred from the Occidental college to Columbia University in New York and his financial aid would indeed be handled by the Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany, New York (Hereinafter HESC). Whistleblower advised Taitz that the policy of the HESC is no to destroy records and microfilm is contained in the safe of the corporation. She further advised Taitz that several employees of the HESC made copies of the microfilm, in case the management decides to destroy the evidence. She came forward, as she is concerned about fraud being committed and the fact that as a citizen of Indonesia Obama was not eligible to be the president of the United States.”

A sword declaration was also attached, as you can see here.

Ms. Taitz say that the information provided should weigh in her favor in granting an appeal. Moreover, if further evidence confirms this information and attorney for Occidental college knew that Obama’s registration, application and financial aid show him registered as a foreign student and a citizen of Indonesia, then they would have knowingly been committing treason against the people of the United States of America and were aiding and abetting the most egregious fraud in the history of the US.

I wonder why those who have made copies of the microfilm have not simply pitched it into the hands of someone like Taitz. In either case, I’m sure the Obama administration has put its NSA ears to the ground around HESC now and employees can rest assured they are being monitored.

Barack Obama has spent millions of dollars to keep his records from the public eye? Why? Isn’t he the man that said, “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide?” Again, how hard is it for Obama to simply produce the documentation, not a forged digital image on the web, and put to rest the allegations? If I were in the position, that’s exactly what I would do and demonstrate the foolishness of the claim, but when someone goes to great expense and lengths to keep information hidden, it only lends credibility to the charges leveled against him, especially in light of his past and his time in office.
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2 thoughts on “Whistleblower: Obama Was Indonesian Citizen & Given Financial Aid As Foreign Student At Occidental College

  1. No need to do all this research. We all know his entire history was fabricated, and that he was moved into the senate so he could advance to the White House, all because his closet-homosexuality has made him easy to blackmail and control. We’ll get all the other details during the trial or punishment phases of his “presidency”.

  2. It’s blatantly obvious by now to anyone with half-a-brain (unless you’re someone still living in denial) that Obama is not a US National nor does he have citizenship with the US. We all know he wasn’t born in Hawaii and that he was either born in Kenya or Indonesia. Either way, he is a foreigner and is therefore NOT the president of the United States nor will he ever be eligible to be the president of the United States. So F**K Barry and anyone who supports him. It’s time to accept and expose him for the foreigner and mass murderer that he is. The bastard needs to be jailed and after being found guilty, hanged for high treason. End of story.

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