Whistleblowers! Coronavirus used as cause for banking and Wall Street collapse

Blog Talk Radio – by Marty Oakley

Carrie Devorah joins us this evening to talk about  the faked up cononavirus being used to hide the impending collapse of the banking system and Wall Street.  Not only to hide it, but to blame the virus for the collapse, rather than admit this collpase is due to derivative markets and deregulation.

The Fed is loaning the banks 270 BILLION to keep them solvent.  Billions more has been loaned to them over the last several weeks. 


As in the collapse of 2008, it is the everyday investor, those who have IRA’s, and other investments in Wall Street who will lose eveything they have while those at the top whistle all the way home.  We are on the verge of global economic collapse and this propaganda about this fake virus pandemic is just that:  propaganda.

Carrie Devorah is a whistleblower :

“I began to whistleblow on the intentional misinformation campaign the SEC and FINRA rolled out harming Investors, and good Investment Advisors. These crimes had to stop.

As big a shock to me is how little the legislators know about Wall Street crime which is not a Federal oversight but State oversight.”

Listen here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley/2020/03/13/whistleblowers-coronavirus-used-as-cause-for-banking-and-wall-street-collapse

22 thoughts on “Whistleblowers! Coronavirus used as cause for banking and Wall Street collapse

  1. NEWSFLASH: if you needed a ‘whistleblower’ to tell you this you are a special kind of stupid

  2. Not only that, but it is also happening during “tax season”! So that, if one does not pay ones “taxes” then the “tax” authorities we don’t “mess with” will rob our bank accounts just because….time to “mess with the IRS!” (And whatever one does do NOT throw Romans 13 at me!)

  3. I noticed that every time the host, Marty, tried to discuss her subject, that the virus is being used to cover up for Wall Street collapse, the so-called whistleblower, Carrie, would sort of respond in a general way. Then she would redirect the conversation to some other subject. The conversation never got in depth about Marty’s premise. Carrie didn’t even know about Operation Mockingbird. She speaks in a “soothing” manner which reminds me of hypnosis methods. A caller towards the end of the show did challenge her well. But Carrie continually tried to manipulate the conversation. I’ve never heard either of these women before, so I could be wrong.

  4. What is taking place has been well understood to be one of the scenarios that this criminal system would take in order to have a multi pronged assault on We the people here in America.

    We now know what gambit they have decided to take, therefore we know what needs to be done when the time arrives.

    Of course they now can cover up the massive financial fraud, while looting the rest of the fictitious coffers.

    Looks like it is gonna get real, real fast.. good..tired of waiting…any martial law at any level will not be tolerated at least by some of us.

    Here in the islands they have cxld the Merry Monarch festival and the Kamehameha schools singing mele (function).

    Though people are flying all over as they please…

    Our economy will crash probably within the next 3-4 months if the tourism continues its cancellations.

    Most will be unemployed thereafter, yet somehow I’m pretty sure this benevolent occupational government will not cease all collections of debts, mortgages, loans etc but will already, as they currently are, gonna pump billions and more into biz and industry…

    I do believe this is the first phase in the final take down of our nation. Soon our time arrives to stand…

  5. Water rationing happening at our local HEB grocery store. The meat dept. was extremely depleted. Canned tuna & Chicken shelves very depleted. Everclear is flying off the shelves. Saw this stuff this morning on a trip to town.

    1. Everything available here in the twilight zone 🙂
      I have heard that Walmart in Jamestown was out of TP but it is being restocked as is bleach
      I just got back from a 15 mile trip (one way) to the next town. I bought some cans of tomato sauce $!.00 and dollar boxes of macaroni. No empty shelves that I noted and they also had TP 🙂

    2. The meat is being exported, huge. I see cattle processing facilities STUFFED with live cattle, in Nebraska, Amarillo, and Kansas just to name a few I see on a regular basis, cattle all over the dad gum place.

      The meat thing is pure treason, Americans are being stolen from. Huge cattle rustling operations going on right under our noses. You wouldn’t believe how many cattle are grown in America.

  6. I have family in Denver and the stores are running out of things. I guess people are doing now what should have been done long ago. Here in my small town tp running out as well as bleach…ect.

  7. Just another reason I am thankful for Father God for marrying my hubby, whose been “prepping” so to speak since the late 70s! Beekeeper then, medic now. I’d rely on him medically before any freakin’ doctor! And that we live in the rural remote, where the biggest danger is a certain species of feline and ursa if you know what I mean…(and javelinas with our garden)

  8. Actually needed to get tp yesterday. Down to 2 rolls. Stores where crazy. Lines 7 overpacked carts long. people yelling at one another. No tp. So I got cleanex and a carton of smokes. Then off to the liquor store. Then the pot shop. I’ve got lots of food and supplies. I don’t stock tp. I’ll just have to use my back up plan. As for the people who are very late to the party… Maybe they can spare a square. For a puff or a nip. Also my block is well armed and trained.

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