White busses marked “Soros Riot Dance Squad” spotted in Michigan: It’s official, the riots are staged

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

MILAN, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) Several white busses marked “George Soros Dance Squad” were spotted passing through the city on Monday which essentially goes to show the current Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA-sponsored unrest is most likely without a shadow of a doubt part of a much larger George Soros, Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee-backed plan aimed at taking back the Office of the President once and for all. 

Exposing the entire operation in one fell swoop, a photo posted to Amy Caneva’s Facebook page reveals two white passenger buses bearing the phrase “George Soros Dance Squad” down the side in bold lettering driving through the city on Monday.

The image is simply captioned: “Soros Riot Dance Squad.”


4 thoughts on “White busses marked “Soros Riot Dance Squad” spotted in Michigan: It’s official, the riots are staged

  1. Now if you’re gonna incite violence, race hatred, etc. why in the blue blazes would you be so blatant about it giving yourself away like that? It’s as if you’re begging for “the authorities” to arrest Soros (who of course will then bribe his way out of it)…or just plain ol’ infiltrators….or just plain ol’ idiots….

    Dance squad…or dancing with Satan? Bwaahahahahahahahhahahahahahah!

  2. Of course this is all staged! It’s all bullshit, bring in the reaper drones party over! Those left standing will scurry home. Just thinking out loud…

    1. What, Frank, reaper drones? Does that mean you are on the side of the corporate communists?
      I want them to kill each other with knives and baseball bats, and maybe a pistol.
      Or we could give reaper drones to the Marxists and they could kill each other faster.
      I don’t care how the communists get dead so long as they get dead, BOTH SIDES!

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