White House: Illegal Aliens Do Not Need Proof of Vaccination Because ‘Not Intending to Stay’

Breitbart – by Charlie Spiering

The White House conceded Monday they were not requiring border crossers to show proof of vaccination, even though the government requires proof of a vaccine or a negative coronavirus test for other travelers into the United States.

When reporters asked about the apparent double standard on vaccination requirements, White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued that illegal immigrants and migrants crossing the border were not intending to stay in the United States.

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time,” she said, referring to migrants. “I don’t think it’s the same thing. It’s not the same thing.”

Nearly 15,000 immigrants, mostly from Haiti, have created a makeshift camp under the Del Rio International Bridge on the border of Texas and Mexico as they seek entry to the United States.

On September 10, Psaki admitted there was a double standard for migrants crossing into the United States and American citizens working for private businesses with over 100 employees under the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates.

“That is correct,” she said when a reporter pointed out the double standard.

Psaki repeated her prepared talking points about the coronavirus process for migrants crossing the border and “the intention” to quarantine individuals demonstrating symptoms of the virus.

About 30 percent of migrants held in detention facilities have refused vaccines, according to reports.

She said the United States continued using Title 42 authorities to expel some of the migrants from Haiti crossing the border into Texas.

“We want to prevent a scenario where large numbers of people are gathering, posing a threat to the community and also the migrants themselves,” she said.


10 thoughts on “White House: Illegal Aliens Do Not Need Proof of Vaccination Because ‘Not Intending to Stay’

  1. They could only deliver a statement like this because they think we’re stupid. That’s what I first thought. Then I realized they know how smart we are and this is just to further infuriate us. I wonder if there’s such a thing as “Peak Infuriation.”


  2. Think of the dumbest person you know

    Now imagine if they could be even more stupid
    That’s what we have in positions of power in this country , and many others
    It seems that government positions attract the stupid and control freaks

    So many times I’ve had my intelligence insulted by these rubes , it’s past the point of insanity

    Revolution anyone ? Have you had enough yet?

  3. So by Psaki’s logic, our soldiers don’t need to be vaccinated before going to another country to fight overseas because they have no intention of staying. Brilliant!

  4. Democrat communist Satanic leaders want the American Christian nation dead with these vaccines . They do not want the replacement population dead, or themselves dead

    1. Don’t forget the f-king fascists, the other wing of the same bird. Both the fraudulent left and the fraudulent right shit through the same hole.
      Don’t forget Trump’s criminal executive order where he, without authority and in violation of the 9th Article of the supreme superior law of we the people, denied our absolute right to have bump stocks if we choose. Remember, “Take the guns then give the due process”. Is he a retard who does not understand what due process of the law means? No he is not. He is an internationalist playing his role in the great deception.
      It is the unlawful United States Corporation, the unlawful 14 Amendment, and subjugation, or it is freedom and liberty via the people’s enforcement of the people’s law ratified December 15, 1791, the common law, the absolute law, the absolute original and superior jurisdiction of the American national that must be enforced if we are ever to be free again.

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