White House Insider FIRED for revealing Trump is a Jew

Published on Mar 7, 2019

The White House Insider, Isabel, has been FIRED for revealing explosive information about secrets between Trump & Kushner.

President Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago, according to a White House official who has given an interview to CNN as well as former State Department official David Goldberg.

Known as “Isabel”, a White House employee, she reveals Trump also believes son in law Jared Kushner is the Messiah, or Moshiach, and that both share plans to “destroy” the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

David Elias Goldberg was an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people during his 25 year career in public service, and fought antisemitism wherever hatred and racism against Jews dwelt. He passed away on June 8th. He was 59. This channel is now managed by “Friends of David Goldberg”

8 thoughts on “White House Insider FIRED for revealing Trump is a Jew

  1. This sounds like very poor acting, New York acting, but if not…

    It’s 2019 and he’s just “starting to question his own people?!!” Just starting?!! Where’s he been for the last couple of decades?

    So what was the purpose of this vid? To somehow tell us they have a conscience? Who knows? But they both claim to be “proud” jews. Very strange how some can take pride in anything that would label the rest of humanity SERVANTS!!

    This was so nauseating.


  2. “President Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago,…”

    IF this is true, it’s THE most toxic information to come out against Chump that I’ve seen to date.

    What seems less credible is the fact that they didn’t outright murder Isabel. They apparently (according to him) did attempt to kill Goldberg.

    “He passed away on June 8th.”

    Maybe they succeeded after all.

    “David Elias Goldberg was an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people during his 25 year career in public service”

    That being the case… GOOD F’N RIDDANCE!!!

  3. I’m off to buy more AR parts, armor, food, and a used truck to armor. Get a move on folks time is short before the kick off.

  4. I’ve suspected such since December, 2017. Supposedly, when Ivanka Trump converted to Chabad she had to because her mother was gentile (whereas Trump was a Jew, but the Talmud says one is a Jew if the mother is whereas the Bible says one is a Jew if the father is…). Meaning, the mother was gentile but the father was Jewish.

    Every Jew I have ever known (mostly growing up on Long Island) was never afraid to admit they were Jewish. In fact it seems the only Jews afraid to admit they are Jewish are Talmudists and wouldn’t do it anyway sincethe Talmud says a Jew can lie to a gentile. And why do you think so many Jews in Hollywood or comedians use gentile sounding names? Because of the Talmudic influence of Hollywood and the entertainment biz, run by Jews who tell Jews to be crypto-Jews. What a bunch o’ cowards!

  5. 2 out of Trumps wives are Jews .. all of Ivana’s kids by jewish law are Jews .. Ivanka converting to Judaism was all BS .. Trump – Drumpf, His great grandmother is Kolber .. the same linage as the Fake Queen of England .. Saxon Goth Kolber .. Trump didn’t convert any more than Ivanka did .. they are Jewish

  6. Umm…how is this big news? Everyone knows Trump is a Jew. His son in law is a Jew, his wife is a Jew, his daughter is Jew and he gives everything to the Zionist Jews and Bennie. How is this shocking?

    The only shocking thing is that he fired someone for revealing that he is a Jew? Does it really matter and how is that a big enough deal to fire someone? So what if he’s a Jew? It’s like firing someone who found out that a president went to Harvard or something. It’s stupid.

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