White House Press Secretary Explains Vaccines

Jul 18, 2021
Every once in a while she accidentally tells the truth. My healthy next door neighbor died of a stroke in April. I asked his widow if he had been vaccinated, and she responded “yes, why?”

4 thoughts on “White House Press Secretary Explains Vaccines

  1. Dam
    I just saw this on you tube and come here to see Galen beat me to it

    she says the quiet part out loud..so people ..how much longer are we going to take thier shit before we remove them all .. how ever the way they want it to happen

    just talked to my Nephew , and a friend of his recently got the shot …..he now has a reduced heart rate ,.due to swelling?..

    1. Yeah, brain swelling because that friend of your nephew was a numbskull and agreed to take the death shot. Now he can enjoy his ‘immunity’, immunity from being able to live.

  2. We’ve read about the intense propaganda push you people are pushing. This is just more of it. We’ve read the script; you’re to come at us with everything possible! Ain’t gonna work here!

  3. This blithering idiot is using the same line of reasoning Nancy P(uk)elos(er)osi does. “We have to pass this bill to see what is in it.”

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