White House Press Secretary Makes Freudian Slip When Discussing Biden’s Efforts to Address High Gas Prices

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

Biden’s White House Press Secretary got caught in a Freudian slip when she shared all Biden has done to address gas prices.

Biden’ Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed Biden’s efforts to date related to the price of gas across the nation.   She accidentally shared the truth. 

Biden claims that by decreasing US oil output, gas prices will increase and Americans will stop driving gas-guzzling cars.  This is beyond ignorant.  Americans have to get to their jobs and are used to traveling freely.

What Biden doesn’t address is that Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Iran and other Middle East nations are making record profits in the billions with these high gas prices.  Biden would be more believable if he said he was getting paid to keep the gas prices high and shut down US production.

Gateway Pundit

9 thoughts on “White House Press Secretary Makes Freudian Slip When Discussing Biden’s Efforts to Address High Gas Prices

  1. “Americans….are used to traveling freely.”

    WRONG! But the folks at Gateway Pundit who have never done their homework (or have never been jailed for “violating” “the law”) have no clue as to the FACT that thanks to “laws” passed around the time of WW1 (that “Federal Reserve Act” “passed” in the dead of night, Jeckel Island-style, being one of them) did away with the RIGHT TO TRAVEL (without a “license” and vehicle “registration” and “car insurance”) and replaced it with the “privilege to drive.” So, no, Mr. Hoft, Americans cannot “travel freely”! It’s either pay the fine, or go to jail for “failure to appear” (if you don’t pay the ticket fine).

      1. Yep, it was the seat belt thing that got me “un-privileged” if you know what I mean…when I was nursing my 8-month old daughter, no less!

    1. You can’t sleep drunk in a car but you can pull over with engine running to use a phone or leave someone in a running car who doesn’t have a valid dl.
      For now

    2. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you are absolutely wrong.
      The laws passed after World War I and the Federal Reserve Act have no jurisdictional authority and hence, their rogue attempts to violate the absolute unalienable law of December 15, 1791, Americans can travel freely by the supreme law.
      Shove their either fine or go to jail for failure to appear up their ass.
      A mandamus is a response that shuts down the entire fraud on the spot. If they try to go past it, it is your right and your duty to kill them. It is that simple.

  2. Every time I see the words “Freudian Slip” I want his name out of the equation. Just because the phenomenon was named after him doesn’t mean he invented it. Since the beginning of speech people have slipped up and said the opposite of what they meant, usually revealing a hidden truth. It didn’t start with Freud. So I’m wanting to rename the slip and somehow launch the new name. Brazen, I know. Some ideas so far:

    The Accuracy Slip?
    The Truth Slip?
    The Sub-Conscious Slip?

    Any other ideas? I’m so tired of all the credit for ‘this-and-that’ going ‘you-know-where.’

    1. Doesn’t matter what it is, they’ll find a way to pat themselves on the back and take credit for it, even if they’re caught flagrante delecto stealing it.

  3. I remember one time I was drinkin but I kept callin the neighbors wife a bitch … I dont know why … she was ok?.? Her pet rat got out and chewed through our walll at the apartments. I think it was just irritation…

  4. The “Octopus” slip:
    Smart, slippery, and eight arms with which to give eight different versions of said “truth”.

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