White Irish Drinkers – Full Movie

Published on Mar 1, 2016

A coming of age story set in 1975 working-class Brooklyn, in which two teenage brothers living with their abusive father and their well-meaning but ineffective mother are caught up in a life of petty crime. Older brother Danny concocts a daring scheme to steal enough money for the two to escape, timed around the chaos of an upcoming Rolling Stones concert. The sensitive younger brother, Brian, ultimately has a choice: remain loyal to the brother with whom he shares a powerful love-hate bond, or use his hidden talent as an artist as his own ticket out of their dead-end existence.

13 thoughts on “White Irish Drinkers – Full Movie

  1. Wow… in 1975 I was a teenager in working-class Brooklyn, and the Stones are my favorite rock-n-roll band. That means I’ll probably hate the movie, but I may watch it anyway.

  2. Spoiler alert: Don’t read this if you plan on watching this movie.

    Holy Tamolie Mark, I just got done watching it. Wow, powerful film. Can’t imagine why I never heard of it especially with such an outstanding title. So well written and the acting was flawless with a plot turn I never saw coming. But oh, the last three minutes, talk about leveling the playing field. I won’t say more because some haven’t watched it yet.

    Anyhow, thanks for recommending it. With all the junk out there, it’s a relief to have something of substance. The only question that remains is this: Have you ever run naked through a cemetery?



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