White Liberalism is Systemic Racism

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To a White liberal no Black man can ever be the head of household for a Black family. To a White liberal a White, female social worker is the rightful head of household for a Black family.

A Harvard study found that 75% of the Black children of slaves in the South in the 1850s had families. It remained that way under segregation and Jim Crow until the 1960s. In NYC in the 1920s the Black family formation rate reached 80%. Then the White Liberal Democrats decided it was a great idea to pay teenage girls to have babies and drop out of school and the work force. The Black illegitimacy rate rose to 73% destroying the lives of Black people sending violent crime rates soaring. 

Hint: Social scientists have consistently found that young boys raised with no male head of household have hard times as teenagers.

The destruction of the Black family explained most Black poverty and crime until recently because a Black child raised with two parents and a library card makes 25% more than the average White.

That is until today when the Democrats became a fully functioning tool of the Deep State. The Deep State took a virus made in a lab at the University of North Carolina and sent it to a Chinese military lab in Wuhan where it could be enhanced making it more contagious and more lethal. They also in 2014 sent $3.7 million in grants from the NIH and Dr Fauci.

This pandemic required the active and knowing assistance of the Corporate Media. The presstitutes said over 500,000 Americans died from covid-19. They should have said they might have died with coronavirus. Two thirds of the 500,000 had a symptom like flu or fever that might have been the coronavirus. One third might have tested positive for covid-19 but given that the PCR test has given positive readings for plants and even a glass of cola we might suspect even that is an inflated inflated number.

The CDC has admitted that the real covid-19 death rate is 6% of that 500,000 figure or about 30,000 over more than a year’s time. This is not many in a nation of 331 million where 50,000 a year die from flu. That figure would be lower if we had a wall to prevent illegal aliens with covid-19 from entering the US.

Hint: Many illegal aliens come to America because they have warrants for their arrest. But others come because they have expensive medical conditions and no health insurance.

Those reduced covid death numbers could be easily reduced further. A British MP read about the Andalusian regional government in southern Spain cutting their covid-19 death rate by giving everyone minimal doses of Vitamin D-3. He wondered why the British government did not do the same. They could end the pandemic, the lockdowns and even the face diapers (masks).

If they gave everyone in hospitals and nursing homes or going back to school or to work in high contact jobs or at risk populations both Ivermectin and a bolus of Vitamin D-3, very few would die. And we would cure a lot of other diseases. 70% of Americans have less than minimal Vitamin D-3 in their blood. A side effect of cutting the covid death rate by 82% would be the reduction of 12 or more different cancers. This would be good for potential cancer patients. But it would be very bad for the people who make fortunes treating cancer patients with poisonous chemicals and radiation. It would also be bad for the Deep State which wants to reduce world population by 7 billion people.

Hint: The Deep State believes that the purpose of your life and your death is to make life better for billionaires. If you disagree, your opinion does not matter because you can’t say any of the above either on Facebook or in the Washington Compost.

Vitamins A and D are fat soluble. The Helen Keller Foundation used to give huge doses of Vitamin A to children in Third World countries to prevent nutritional blindness. No dangerous side effects. Do the same for at risk Americans and Britons and any other nationality that eventually catches on to the fraud that is being perpetrated upon us.

Ivermectin is available as a generic drug and has been used to kill viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is very popular with veterinarians. It was given out in India along with other medications in a pack costing $2.65 which even soon to be homeless people in America could afford. Gee. Better than a stimulus check would be a world in which there never was a pandemic, lockdowns and face diapers.

Hint: One Republican governor backed up by an awakened state legislature can break the grip the Deep State has over the sheeple. One governor with backing from the legislature can drastically cut the death rate by using Vitamin D-3 and Ivermectin while saying No to masks and lockdowns.

A Black woman in Georgia had worked herself into a good job with the US Postal Service. But her two male children got into trouble when the schools were closed so she had to quit her job to stay at home with them and keep them out of trouble. Sweden never closed their schools and their children fared much better than did their counterparts in America and Britain.

Educational systems run by Democrats were abysmal even before the scamdemic. The top 4 states for educational spending per pupil are shelling out an average of $22,000 a year to send them to schools that most people would consider to be abusive. It would be far cheaper and much better for the Black, White, Asian and Latino children to send them to church schools or to even private schools. We could cut spending in half and give the parents a huge break on their taxes.

There were 4 million in private schools and 53 million in public schools prior to the lockdowns. If we sent them all to private schools, we could save thousands per child. Multiply that savings times 53 million and you get a figure of several hundred billion dollars annually. We could also end a lot of child abuse. But the Deep State, the White liberals and the teachers unions would get very angry if we ended that much child abuse.

I would suggest we spend the money we save on clean water. I read the other day that 170 million Americans drink radioactive water. The EPA in 2015 reported that 18 million Americans drank lead in their water every day. California state government concluded that 20% of their population was exposed to lead and copper in their pipes. Not Good. Also not good are the pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals and chlorine in our water. Our water can cause cancer and even death. We need to replace every pipe in America more than 75 years-old. We also need to replace our water treatment plants so cities don’t have to poison their citizens with chlorine to kill otherwise deadly bacteria.

But all that guarantee of clean water at every tap would do is to make millions of high paying jobs for men who could become heads of households. And that is something no modern Democrat wants.

What did the Democrats do wrong? They chose a female approach to welfare and decided to pay teenage girls to have illegitimate children. I have met welfare girls who had grandparents with substantial jobs and paid lots of taxes. These girls dropped out of school at 14 or 15 and had zero life skills, no job skills and zilch for an education. Their children were lucky to be born in a wealthy country that took care of people who contributed nothing to society but babies.

The alternative would have been to subsidize male heads of households so they could afford to keep their families together while they acquired the skills needed to earn more money. The problem is that trying to help Black people would also block Liberalism’s greatest goal which is the destruction of White America by flooding the US with legal and illegal immigrants. If Black men all had jobs and families, where would all the tens of millions of illegal aliens find work?

The Democrats need to continue selling racial divide and conquest until the economy collapses. They had avoided the harsh reality that an increased supply of labor lowers wages by printing tens of trillions of dollars in worthless paper money and buying free stuff from overseas. The Deep State, which owns the entire Democrat party and a lot of congressional Republicans, wants a Great Reset. They have unleashed bioweapons and deadly vaccines to destroy the middle class and small businesses. They plan to unleash a Great Hyperinflation cutting wages and pensions 60% when the Dollar is no longer a reserve currency. Their plan is to break the White Middle class business owners along with the other races who used to hire most of the working people and pay most of the taxes. ANTIFA says those people are racists and fascists. But the truth is that they are the last line of defense against extermination of the useless eaters.

The Great Reset is a plan to take all of our wealth from us giving it to Billionaire Bankers and only then to exterminate those who are not Happy in their Servitude to the Demons in the New World Order. As they say in the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing but you will be happy.”

I would say the NWO is foolish to believe that we will be happy after they have killed 6 billion of the Common Folk. Very foolish indeed.

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