Who Is Destroying America?

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I have never ever pictured myself as being “racist”…. I abhor that term, and fully understand that the term was invented on purpose to denigrate White Caucasian people exclusively…. Every time we hear of the term “racist” in the Jewish controlled media, it always seems to be pointed directly at a white person and always that white person “offending” a person who is not white….  I am sick and tired of everyone calling those who speak the truth as being “racist” while not understanding the true criminals and “racists” responsible for this planets’s misery.  

I recently received a very important video from a friend in America that I absolutely want to share right here with all of my readers… It is entitled: “Who Is Destroying America?” and is a definite must see by everyone… It was originally released over a year ago, but the message is absolutely true today as we watch the United States of America disintegrate right before our very eyes…. Here is that important video for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Lets be perfectly clear right here.. I have never ever been “racist” against the black community, period.   I fully understand that the vast majority are being used as pawns and stooges by the criminal Jewish elite in their master plan in having the Caucasian race destroyed as outlined in their twisted and sick Protocols…..

This video hits the nail on the head in so many ways, and does give the clear message that the problems in America today are clearly  not  from “racism” at all…..

The problems facing America (and Canada as well) also stem from the failure of the lie called “multiculturalism” and the fact that racial blending and mixing is an unmitigated disaster….But again, is that not the Jewish plan all along?  Mix up all the other races while leaving their “race” “pure” and therefore weaken and destroy their opposition?

This is one video that clearly speaks the truth and is a must see by everyone….

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Destroying America?

  1. The real test is in rejecting all anti-semitism, bigotry, prejudice of any kind and the embracing of the narrow way of the TRUTHS given to the remnant of TRUE JEWRY. (All that say they are Jews are not Isreal). In the end, the Sabbath of the Eternal Creator and the minority who follow him (Jahshua, Jesus) stand as a small but invinsible PASSIVE ARMY (Joel 2) of the One true Supreme Almighty Master of heaven and earth.

    The so called disintegration of America is because of the sin of mankind and the WRATH of an offended God who sees his true gospel trampled upon and his commandments rejected by a crooked and wicked LAST GENERATION.

    God is love, his commandments prove it to be so, as did his son, who died to make atonement for man. And now that the end is come, humans void of grace (God being removed)

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for sharing this video – powerful and it contains more truth than many people can handle!

    The truth shall make us free, indeed!

    Nice work – Keep it coming!

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