Who Is Next? Anti-Government Newsletter Publisher Gets 30 Years

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

When first seeing this story, I almost didn’t write about it, but upon further investigation, I changed my mind. This is information that needs to really get out there, far and wide! This could have been any one of us. The crimes they are alleging against this man aren’t 30 years worth. He didn’t shoot at a cop, he just had his gun out. They came onto his property and he felt he needed to defend himself. As we all know, who wouldn’t be defensive, with these psychopaths showing up at your house. If you disagree with this regime they hunt you down. They will silence you by any means necessary and do it hidden under the cloak of the law.  

The eastern Missouri publisher of an anti-government newsletter who was shot by state troopers after pulling a gun has been sentenced to a 30-year prison term by a judge he likened to a terrorist.

47-year-old Jeffrey Weinhaus called the judge who sentenced him Monday in Franklin County “a black-robed terrorist, an enemy combatant no different than Osama bin Laden.”

A jury convicted Weinhaus last month of charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action and illegal morphine possession, as well as a marijuana misdemeanor.

Authorities say Weinhaus pulled a gun on Missouri state troopers serving him with an arrest warrant when the officers shot him in in the chest, neck and head.

Weinhaus’s attorney says his client plans to appeal.


4 thoughts on “Who Is Next? Anti-Government Newsletter Publisher Gets 30 Years

  1. It’s obviously an outrage, and cops are obviously out of control, but it seems to me like this guy handled the situation unwisely, and should have had a better idea of how they’d respond.

    Defiance of them and the system is important, but as Machiavelli tells us; “if you can’t win, don’t fight.”

    He should have saved himself and his strength for the real war. Now we have one less soldier who risked all to gain absolutely nothing. You should do battle with your enemy when you have an opportunity to obliterate them. NOT when they have you surrounded and out-gunned.

    Organize NOW, so you can have them surrounded and outgunned.

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