9 thoughts on “WHO Mobilizing Full Power of U.N.

  1. I’d have to agree with the blue helmet theory… It makes common sense to me… Easy way to come in peacefully!

  2. I had a dream from OUR LORD JESUS,in the dream,THE UN MILITARY were with the US MILITARY,THE POLICE GANGS and the CHINESE MILITARY,they were killing everyone in certain towns and anyone they saw in most towns,THIS WAS A WARNING DREAM FROM THE LORD,if you ignore it,you and your family will most certainly be killed by the BLUE HELMITS,shoot them on sight,THEIR BEING HERE IS A VIOLATION OF THE “MONROE DOCTRINE” ..the US MILITARYS JOB is to protect this country from just this sort of invasion…AND THEY WERE HELPING THEM…

    1. I too had a dream where the US military was with the police gangs and Chinese military. Only the military was split 80-20 and the 80% was fighting alongside 40 million pissed off beyond reason, armed to the teeth, militiamen. The reward for killing a blue helmet began with three days R and R, but so many were being killed they had to drop the bounty to a cold beer and a joint of good marijuana. Those Americans working for blackwater and leading these foreign ground troops brought the highest bounty: two beers and two joints of marijuana. The traitors leading the foreign troops were collected and outside of each small town we went by, was a field of them impaled on stakes, which was their fate after interrogation. And at the very end of the dream, the American nationals had crushed the international Zionist mercenaries.
      The dream then flashed to a scene on a grassy knoll in the far past. There stood Patrick Henry. He had a copy of the Bill of Rights in his hand. He looked out over a burnt and battered America that was once again free. There was a gallows in front of him where the international Zionist instigators were being hung. Patrick looked up from the Bill of Rights and into the eyes of the man standing on the gallows and said, “I warned you”
      I woke up with a warm peaceful feeling.
      Those in the military who had joined through a sense of false patriotism composed of ignorance, killed all the foreigners that had been put amongst them when these Zionist jews gave the order to fire on Americans.
      There are ten thousand unexpected variables that will arise during this war of wars, but in the end it will be liberty, law, and the will of the people.
      Don’t try to frighten me with foreigners. My people over the centuries and decades, though unjustly so in many cases, have whipped the world and we are going to do it again. When we are done the blue helmets will be nothing more than a chapter in a history book, never to exist again.
      I guess it is our inner resolve that creates the stuff that our dreams are made of.

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