Who’s Running America and the CAP

Published on Mar 26, 2014 by StopTheCrimeNew

Deborah Tavares talking about the Climate Action Plan. “Who is running America..Globalists are. Since 1933 emergency War Powers have been implemented…
Constitution has been suspended.
People’s Town Hall Meeting
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2 thoughts on “Who’s Running America and the CAP

  1. nice one rbeason- I watched this last week. Ready to be forced to reduce YOUR GHG by 60% within 20 yrs. and 83% by 2050?
    Ready to “Reduce Travel”?
    The Waxman Markey bill will make travel very expensive
    Every form of energy will become very expensive.
    Your “Local” government sold you out by allowing a CAP in order to get GRANT whore funding.
    They allowed ICLEI to get their language into your county, city or town General Plan.
    Word here in N CA- soon potentially no more wood stoves or outdoor burning (only step 1)
    CAP is a killer!
    Glad to see you wigged out by this- DEF. A MUST WATCH

  2. Got me to thinking about the A-hole nazi policeman who after a fractious town meeting (I think it was a town meeting; can’t remember whether it was in New Jersey or another eastern seaboard state) responded to one of the protesters, “I don’t work for you.” He’s right. None of the LEOs, none of the people in government positions, none of the people in the military work for us, the people; they all work for the corporation (what JD calls the enemy occupying force, or whatever you want to call the criminal entity) that issues their paychecks.

    Tavares’s presentation in this video finally got that concept into my head. Everything is incorporated (illegally and unlawfully) from the federal government (with the penstroke illegally committing us to complete slavery by the treasonous FDR in the 1930s) to every state, county, parish, city and town.

    Except for one thing: I never agreed to that contract and never will.

    Aside: Did you know that the online Merriam Webster dictionary will not allow you to see the definition of disincorporate without at least a trial membership? Guess they have to keep track of who specifically are having these “radical” thoughts of self sovereignty.

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