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Whose fault? Tesla crashes into fire truck, driver blames autopilot


A Tesla Model S has rear-ended a fire truck parked on a freeway in the US. The driver, however, says it wasn’t his fault, blaming the state-of-the-art technology instead.

On Monday morning, the Tesla car, going 65mph, hit a parked fire truck, the Culver City Fire Department tweeted. The firefighters were there attending to a “freeway accident,” when their truck was hit by the electric-powered vehicle, which was travelling on autopilot, according to the driver. The truck apparently sustained only minor damage, while the hood of the Tesla seems almost completely smashed.  

According to Tesla, the Model S’ “autopilot capabilities [are] designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free.”  However, the feature is “intended for use only with a fully attentive driver,” according to company officials cited by media.

Another accident in which a Tesla driver blamed the autopilot system took place in San Francisco just last week.

The man’s blood alcohol level was two times over the legal limit, the California Highway Patrol said. However, he insisted that he was not to blame and that his car was “on autopilot.”

Police arrested the driver, who was later “charged with suspicion of DUI [Driving under the influence].”

The car was then taken to the tow yard. Police joked in a tweet that “it didn’t drive itself” there.


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5 Responses to Whose fault? Tesla crashes into fire truck, driver blames autopilot

  1. flee says:

    It was an accident.

    Ai..evidently does have Intelligence.

    If I was AI…

    I’d crash into the emergency room.

    Or maybe a car dealership.

    Or even better..

    An ambulance with paramedics.

    Just so the attendants could say…

    Hey…where’s the driver…

    Anybody seen the driver…?

  2. Darzak says:

    That car looks pretty god, considering it hit a fire truck at 65 mph. I’ve had a deer do almost as much damage at 55. The deer was movable… The fire truck: not so much.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    oh so they think they are funny now?

    I dont think so
    and the idiot drunk , too bad he lived

  4. mary in ND says:

    dude….there is a difference between auto pilot and cruise control …hahaha

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Police arrested the driver, who was later “charged with suspicion of DUI [Driving under the influence].”

    If the vehicle actually WAS on autopilot, he can’t be charged since he wasn’t driving.

    Naturally, they’ll extract plenty of mammon through the Admiralty/Maritime court system, when he tries to prove his case.

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