4 thoughts on ““Whose fault? Their fault!” Growing anger in Beirut over tragedy

  1. everything happens from the inside, corrupt gov mob bosses jew d likrs, will take loans, then implement smart cities- 5g, economy will boom for “stakeholders”,as people become slave, same thing here and globally, Dr. copper is going up in price, portending global construction boom for BOR, as america will burn soon, to make way for smart cities, they are relaxing logging rules out west all of a sudden, preserves, nat.monuments (as Henry has mentioned repeatedly) will be raped of timber, as they build western high speed rail under bering straits, directly to BOR infrastructure, to build eurasian jew controlled smart cities
    a 21 sustainable development is merely a 100 year business plan to fix everything that wasn’t broken, make complicit “stakeholders” rich, and slaves of the rest

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