3 thoughts on “Why Are Jews Always Persecuted

  1. Pretty decent synopsis, one could delve deep into any of the data points covered to see the totality of validation (assuming someone needs that at this point)

    The only criticism is when he stated at about 7:27 in about the Israeli American Puppet presidents, I really wished he had Trump in that picture, since he has stated and by actions is the biggest friend of Israhell that would show this author is totally awake..!

    Another great read is The House of Rothschilds….

  2. Not enough denunciation of Christian Zionism and no mention of Noahide. Good otherwise. Always emphasize the Talmud, authored by the Pharisees (aka the Synagogue of Satan), the only folks Christ ever denounced.

  3. Easy answer:

    Because they are the “Chosen People”.


    Only the “Chosen People” get to play the victims, don’t ya know.

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