4 thoughts on “Why are we paying $4 a gallon for f-king gas?

  1. 4$ gas is to prop up the EFIO so they will have enough of this useless money to continue to subjugate you ,, if we continue to keep taking their shit that is

    1. Yep, subjugation on the menu. And for dessert… Uprising Upside-down Cake!!!, where all things tyrannical are tossed in a lucious dressing of liberty.


  2. No one seems to remember the FIRST thing T Rump signed in the directors chair, was the eo. repealing the “no export of crude oil” law put in place in the 70s during the oil embargo fraud.

  3. And now with Hurricane Ida ‘wiping out Gulf oil production’ they have an even bigger excuse to hype up gas prices….

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