Why Cops Fear SHTF

This is the MOST chilling documentation of what the police have become in our country, and I’ve seen some bad ones. These cops are as bad, if not worse, than Hitler’s SS, during WW II, and it’s escalating every day. The time has come to rise up against this tyranny, before it’s too late, and that time is now ! I have a gut feeling that between today, and the election in Nov., this spiraling, out of control evil is going to descend upon us like nothing ever seen before!

42 thoughts on “Why Cops Fear SHTF

  1. Cops are sick. There’s no help or hope for people who have become, and have learned to enjoy being sadistic bastards.

    The same lust for power and control that compels people to join police forces exposes its hidden ugliness as soon as they’re allowed to get away with these kinds of abuses. And once they’ve derived pleasure from torturing and abusing people, it will always require greater and greater outrages to satisfy their psychotic needs.

    They’ve been allowed to attack people with impunity for just this reason. They’re encouraged to abuse the us because they’re being used as pawns to begin the process of beating the population into submission, but just like the pawns on a chessboard, they’re the first ones to be sacrificed so the king might live.

    They’ll be slaughtered soon enough, and I hope they’re not expecting any sympathy from me.

  2. “These cops are as bad, if not worse, than Hitler’s SS, during WW II, and it’s escalating every day. ”

    Why do you continue to present Hitler as the ultimate demon?

    BEFORE Hitelr ever came into the picture, the Stalinists, and the jew horrors, the Holomodor Genocide happened!

    My point is, STOP referring to Hitler and the past, instead, focus on the jew / israeli crimes going on RIGHT NOW!

    DURING the Hiter years, it was the jews in Germany that were rioting and protesting and trying to bring in Stalinists into the German rulership: the unions , aka the jews, they were trying to topple the legally elected leaders of Germany. . THAT was the reason the German police was beating heads.

    AFTER Hitler, when the Stalinists / jew Communists took over the ENTIRE E. Eur. they did WORSE than Hitler. The Communist in E. Eur. brought in HELL ON EARTH!

    Anyway, why are you continuing to refer to Hitler tactics 2 generations ago, when it is the PResent, you should be focusing on?

    Are you trying to take attention from the criminal acts of israel, today?

    Are you distracting from israel’s push for a war with Iran?

    And not only that, but having the Americans fight, bleed and die for israel?

    Of course, you’re afraid of these questions, eh!?

    Afraid that People are waking up to israel’s criminality?

    I wonder if you’re going to allow this comment to remain here?

    The points are valid and presented courteously.

    1. Bonnie,
      I have no more use for national socialists than I do for soviet socialists. Your comment is up in that it offers a valid argument. But stick to the argument and stop trying to goad your fellow patriot, Clark Kent, otherwise all your comments will be removed as they will have become a detriment to the enlightenment through earnest debate.

      1. Thanks Henry, but she ain’t botherin’ me. I’m an American. I believe in freedom of speech. Plus, everybody knows that Hitler and his SS were great guys.

        1. I had the same problem with some idiot woman who commented on my Monsanto article, Clark. She INSISTED on defending Hitler, so this morning I posted a loooong comment back at her, and haven’t heard a peep out of her yet.

          Good riddance, I say!

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Your right that Hitler is the past, and the Jews are still committing Crimes-Against-Humanity, however,.. the cops in these videos,.. and hundreds of thousands not caught on video were committing those atrocities and outright murders all on their own.

    I’m a former US Marine,.. combat decorated, and still I and my family were victimized by brutal police to the point where my second child nearly died,.. and my forth is dead,.. I was almost killed. (My “crime”? – Having the balls to confront the local police about their criminal behaviors)

    My father is a retired NYC cop and I grew up with hearing what cops really get away with,.. and it is now thousands upon thousands of times worse than when he was on the job.

    Note To Americans: Yes,.. there are few decent cops,.. but they are vastly outnumbered by the psychotic ones and unless you know the cop personally,.. you MUST assume they will cause you,.. or family greavous harm.

    To give ANY cop the benefit of the doubt,.. may cost you your life, your liberities, or your family.

    When the shtf, the first thing EVERY American should do is:

    1 – Take out those God-Damned gov’t spy cameras that are everywhere,…

    2 – When cops or gov’t agents show up in your neighborhood to “help you”,… you will make a decision as to how close you will let them come since you MUST assume,.. they are there to kill you.

    That is when you know,.. the 2nd American Revolution has begun in YOUR neighborhood.

    Good Luck My Fellow Patriots – JD – US Marines – Asking Americans,.. How many innocent people have to die at the hands of criminal cops and gov’t agents before we say,… enough.

    1. Well said, JD. I didn’t know your father was a retired cop. Sorry to hear about your family and your second and fourth child. I can’t imagine.

      I agree that we need to take out the damn spy cameras. Enough of that shit already. I’m sick of being watched around every corner.

      It’s always good to hear from ya, JD.

      1. Hi NC,

        Always nice to hear from you also.

        As for your sympathies,… thank you.

        Some say that God works in mysterious ways.

        Perhaps that experience was a necessity to awaken me to greater truths,.. which have not only proven to me how broken, corrupt and reprehensible our gov’t and police are,… but it is also an experience that fostered a Patriot with Iron-Will and an Indominable-Deterimination.

        That experience, and the ensuing years of my life that were wasted fighting trumped up charges, tampered with, and outright manufactured evidence had caused me to critically re-evaluate my whole understanding of the gov’t and how it really works, and what are its real goals and objectives.

        Now that this Patriot has had his mind, body and soul reinvented in the blast furnace of injustice,… I may yet serve an unseen purpose for the greater good of my country,.. my friends and my family.

        I am not strongly religious,.. but I have had some experiences now that supports my notion that perhaps faith in a God is not all wasted after all.

        If this is the case,.. I can only ask God to bring this instrument he has forged & tempered to bear against the traitors that have destroyed this country,.. and the others that continue to destroy by each little act of abuse and injustice such as that shown in the above video.

        I will route these vipers, thieves, liars and traitors from this country,.. so help me God.

        John D – US Marine – If the Lord will permit it,… his Sword Of Justice.

        1. That video really pissed me off.I kept telling myself I know things are not great these days but is it really this bad. These are the people we were supposed to count on. The woman that got hurt and was calling for help then they turned her into the bad guy and then raped her with out penitration. I would turn into a cop killer if that was my wife,daughter,mom,grand ma,friend. Then that cop that beat that lady bartender.Are you F#@$%^&^ kidding me!!. What is wrong with people today.Specially men.Have we been that castrated.It is our duty as men to protect our women and children period. People we need people like you and me to do something.I know what I want to do.But than I have been watching to many movies like what is happening in the real world.Some people say.But have I. I served 10 years in the military and in Shield and Storm.I took an oath to this country of ours and tend to keep it.I have a wife and son and pets.I do not want to over think.Nor do I want to start things that do not need to be started.No not at all.But People like us that want freedom for ourselves and our family’s and friend’s and all other descent people that just want to be left alone and live their lives without trouble.Then we need to start forming now quietly and rapidly if our children are even going to have a chance in the future. I am done with schooling systems educating our kids to fail or being pushed aside because of a slight defect of any kind. We all have our strong points and weak points.I know what I Would like to see happen. Us back in control of our country that we worked hard to build not the gov’t. I want to see more peace with each other and help each other even if it means just a wave to say hi.I do not want to be a a Dem. or a Rep. or a Liberal. I want to be me a Free Man.I never thought we would be living like this.I was hoping all the past wars taught us something. I was wrong and I am afraid for all of us.I am very angry because of it.I will fight when it is called for. I just need to know that someone has my Six. Right now I have no neighbor’s that give a crap on what is really happening today.They are so blind.I am awake and my wife and I feel alone even with our own family.Even with all my military training.I never thought on our own soil.Boy I was wrong.We need each other. I just want to stay free.Woman please arm yourselves with something.I am making a promise to all specially to you woman as a man. If I ever see a cop or anyone beating you in public like these videos and you have done nothing wrong.They are just for no reason showing intimidation for their own sick agenda and that means female cop as well.I will protect you and get you out of there.To all others that come watching the cop do so get us out of there by helping.Stop being cowards.A few cops verses 20 plus people.We can do it if you think.Take them out do not care.They are evil. Run and keep low.I mean leave get the hell out of there and go about your day screw the the dam videos.Be smart to live another day.In order to keep evil from over taking you must take out the evil doing it regardless of the uniform.Hello that is their cover up.I know some are good can you tell which one.Just my point. There is no more protect and serve. Only intimidate and control. Pick a side “Freedom” or “Dictatorship Control”. Lets be free it is all of our responsibility including mine.Put color in the past and through away the key all ready lets grow up make this planet a happier place to live.We need to if we are going to have a chance for survival.Our races were darn near wiped out before.We are do again.Make your choice no matter whom does not like it including your family.”DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!” for crying out load.Keep “Hope” in your minds. Well got off track but was I??? I am here to fight side by side for the good of our survival.I am all in.Thoughts? We need to connect.It is the right thing to do.I am tired of being sick and tired.We can do this. Just have to break the chains that “all” gov’t has put on us.It is time to build our “Peace” Malitia. “We the People” have had enough. Something is in the shadows I feel it in my bones.I never felt so uncomfortable before. I was more comfortable when I was serving during Shield and Storm.Yeah crazy right. I know.Out.

  4. Herr Hitler is gone but the Zionist Israelis are “still” here……why do we try to kill over and over again the one who is already dead?

    Our cops are now being trained by “their” cops, and that’s why our cops are acting as they do…..just remember who is really incharged of the White House………………….A VOTE FOR RON PAUL IS A VOTE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  5. A few of them recieving a third eye will make them think twice about their attack on the american citizen.JD is right when they come to help is when we will show them we don’t need their help.We are stronger and more commited to what we believe in than they are.The garbage truck will be working overtime when this comes down.

  6. Good post, Clark.
    Unfortunately, I could only get through the first twenty minutes of the video.
    Very bad for the blood pressure, you know.

    Hopefully, sick POS scumbags like these will be among the first to go down when the SHTF!!!

  7. After watching the video, I have a few things to say:

    1. Why do people just stand there and watch and not take action when they know what the police are doing is wrong? When it’s 20 against 1 cop, I think most can beat the crap out of them and run away and get away with it. I’m so sick of people just standing there and videotaping or just watching in shock. DO SOMETHING!!! The guy is getting beaten to death for no reason and standing there is not going to make it go away nor will it make the police brutality stop with you or anyone else in the future. It will only make them do worse. DO SOMETHING FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!!!

    2. Knowing that a guy is burnt to a crisp and is not doing anything, why the HELL would you feel the need to taze this guy and feel the need to tell him to lie on his back as if he was a criminal? Don’t you think he’s suffered enough already? Can’t these cops put themselves in that person’s position? How would they feel? And the fact that the sheriff or deputy says that “The blood thing was really bothering me”. Are you kidding me? YOU’RE A COP!! Blood is in the job description. That’s like a surgeon saying, “The blood thing was really bothering me”. What the HELL are you doing in that profession then?

    3. Arresting people over the Complaint form thing. The fact that they can arrest you for simply not giving your name or providing you with identification without probable cause is completely illegal by the police. If anyone knew a few court cases and challenged the police with them, most of the time they wouldn’t even get as far as they are with their abuse. (Granted they will probably come up with a million other excuses since they are sick like that)

    For example:

    Brown v. Texas

    The right to refuse to identify yourself because it violates the 4th amendment unless being suspected or have probable cause of committing a crime

    Terry v. Ohio

    Prohibition on unreasonable search and seizures (4th Amendment) unless being suspected or have probable cause of committing a crime

    Delaware v. Prouse

    Stopping an automobile and detaining its occupants without probable cause is Unconstitutional and violates the 4th and 14th Amendments

    Most of the time when you express these cases to the police they will back down. Otherwise, the other half of the policemen who have an IQ lower than 70 will probably have never heard of these cases and will just look at you like you are crazy. But it may help a little when you are in a jam and if you are lucky.

    4. Lastly, if I hear another stupid cop play the “You are disrespecting me” game, I’m going to go through the roof or deck the shit out of the officer saying that to me. WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Many people don’t respect me and you don’t see me complaining. It’s our God given right. I don’t need to have everyone’s “Respect” when I talk to them nor do I feel the need to request it to everyone I meet as long as they get the idea of what I’m saying. What gives you more respect than anyone else? Their god-like mentality and absurd egos just amaze me. I think the word, “Disrespect” is the biggest word they know in their vocabulary. It’s so fake and textbook in language that they sound like a two year old playing adult or playing cops and robbers.

    1. I hear ya, NC. I think havin’ a superego is part of their job description these days. Respect is a two way street and those bastard’s are stuck on the on ramp !

    2. Right on N.C. , very good points . After watching that video I just about tossed my lunch . Respect is something that is earned . Just because some dumb-ass has a blue uniform on doesn’t mean squat .

      A lot of these so-called police were so out of shape , it’s pathetic . There must be some kind of virus out there that once you put on the ” blues ” , you get a bad case of dun-lopitis . That’s when the belly dun-lopped over the waistline . I’ve seen women 7 months pregnant in better shape .

  8. Bonnie has got it right. The call by some to define evil with regard to AH and or the SS is not getting us anywhere. Today we have more than enough evil to deal with yet there are those that would like keep our minds preoccupied with a past that lasted 11 years and ended 67 years ago while today’s world of genocide, murder and war without end is alive and well. People get your priorities in order.

  9. Right Ginger ! And Thank You Bonnie ! Seems like the Females have more Integrity as well as Courage when it comes to speaking truthfully .

    For those of you who choose to keep repeating the Jew/Bolshevik Propaganda Mantra , any mention of National Socialists requires references to evil , and then you wonder , why , your are witnessing your countries spiraling into the Abyss , perhaps you should do a reality check on your own internal values .

    1. So, 30.06, are we to assume that you are claiming that the cops tactics ( NOT the reasons behind those tactics, that’s immaterial ) of the present day are any different from those of the Nazis?
      If you’re going to make so bold a claim, kindly enlighten us by categorizing in what ways they are any different.

      Otherwise, you’re nothing more than hot air.

      1. Your assumptions put forth are asinine , not surprising coming from someone either so blinded by Lies or just Genetically inclined to spread falsehhoods .

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