Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?


A 95-year-old man who served his country during World War II is now dead after police stormed his retirement home with riot shields, Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.

U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Wrana, who was honorably discharged as a sergeant after he served in the India-Burma campaign, used a walker because family members said he was “wobbly” on his feet, according to the Chicago Tribune. The elderly veteran was shot down by enemy fire during the war.  

On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted to involuntarily transport him for medical treatment. He was sitting in a chair, holding a cane and a shoe horn when police arrived at the Victory Centre senior living facility located just south of Chicago.

The Cook County medical examiner reported that Wrana bled to death internally from injuries caused when the elderly man was shot in the stomach with a 12-gauge shotgun that fired a bag filled with lead shot. The death has been ruled a homicide, according to reports.

“The Japanese military couldn’t get him at the age he was touchable, in a uniform in the war,” Wrana family attorney Nicholas Grapsas told the Tribune. “It took 70 years later for the Park Forest police to do the job.”

Grapsas said he was told “there were between five and seven police officers” at the scene.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit is investigating the incident. According to the Park Forest police account, Grapsas had threatened officers with a two-foot-long metal shoe horn and cane.

“Attempts were made verbally to have the resident comply with demands to drop the articles, to no avail,” the police statement said. “The resident then armed himself with a 12-inch butcher type kitchen knife.”

But Grapsas told the Tribune the staff and Wrana’s family said they never saw a butcher knife in his room.

“So where did the knife come from?” the attorney asked.

Maria Oliva, an executive with Pathway Senior Living, said staff members were kept outside of the room when police were present.

“The staff was not inside once the police were on the scene,” she said. “At different times the staff were in there, but not when they were called. They (the police) were in charge at that point.”

While police said Wrana had made threats against the staff, Grapsas said staff members urged police to let them calm the elderly man.

“If there were threats to the staff, why did the staff want to intervene and say, ‘Let us handle this; we’ll get him calmed down’?” he asked.

Now Wrana’s family is desperate for an explanation.

“I want answers,” his 74-year-old step-daughter said. “I want someone held accountable.”
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11 thoughts on “Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?

  1. When the idiot doctor told him he must have the operation but he’d be on life support after that, a no win situation, the family member’s should have taken the WW2 vet out of the retirement home immediately. Now if I were a policeman and a 95 year old man in a wheelchair was waving around a butcher knife here’s what you would do. Go behind the wheelchair and with a billy club knock the weapon out of his hand. Simple. Again it’s “Lazy Cop Syndrome”, they would rather shoot you dead and fill out the paperwork, than break a sweat getting physical with someone.

  2. Let this be an example to you all when they want to put some electronics in your body or jack you full of some cancerous vaccine floating in a pool of mercury. If you’re going to refuse them and they come to get your ass, this is the way to go down. Well, not exactly, but this man was a 95 year old hard ass that told these bastards to go to hell. He died an honorable death on his own terms. I have nothing but respect for this man. May he rest in peace and the bastards that killed him burn in hell.

    To think that all this shit started over his refusal to be a vegetative zombie on life support. Tyranny at it’s finest.

  3. More lies from the cops. NO butcher knife. It’s all a lie again to justify their use of shooting a 12 gauge bean bag round at him.

  4. More cowards in blue! Come on, those “heroes” couldn’t handle a 95 yr old man? Good thing he didn’t have a dog, as it would have been executed as well.
    Cops have morphed into cowardly psychos, in which violence and death are now celebrated and incorporated into their daily job expectations.

    Even if the old gent DID have a knife, 5 officers couldn’t subdue him? OF COURSE they could have, they simply decided that it was preferable to use what obviously was, lethal force!

  5. I live in IL. You have no rights over any establishment that pays or kicks into the policeman’s good buddie fund. They will murder for a extra $10 contribution to them. Pure and simple he gave up all rights when they called and said a extra $10 this month. And murder she wrote!

  6. Government and their ‘goon-squads’ are over stepping their mandate again.
    Ultimately, it’s those policy makers and higher up the command, that issue the ‘fire order’ on civilians. I pray, someone will be held rightfully accountable for this tragic event.

  7. I just pray to all mighty God when they finally run into the wrong person who refuses to be their gimp or the wrong group who refuse to disperse from their right to peacefully assemble and the shtf that the rest of the people see it for what it really is. And may it be swift and merciless as they surely are wicked in their ways.

  8. Wowieeeeee…what heroes they are. Now all the residents can sleep easier tonight knowing that these fine boys in blue have made their streets safer. Hopefully the citizens will visit them at their homes and personally thank them.

  9. What right does anyone have to force people to receive medical treatment? Welcome to Obamacare, the Government gets to decide what you want.

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