3 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews? – clip from Hunters (2020)

  1. I was amazed that this was inserted into that new tv series, “Hunters” with Al Pacino. Guess they know what’s out there. But oh, those last 40 seconds… this is a grand spectacle of calling us out, and of us being prompted to snitch on each other. Of course I know many, myself included, who would “win big money” there. Put-downs can’t hide the truth because in most cases the proof is, indeed, in the pudding. This is them fighting back against an unstoppable flow of awareness.


  2. One does not “hate” a viral infection so much as the effects and results of that viral infection.
    There must be a vaccine for that? Maybe they’ll call it the “Jew-Jab”.

  3. This was actually very funny, though.

    On that note…
    This is an example of how slick they truly are, I’m talking about the revisionist zionists because there are 1000s of Jews in Israel (including Neturei Karta) who spit on the Flag of Zion.

    ‘They’ really smear it on our faces here that they know that we know and that we know that they know.

    In fact, we’ve reached a point now where we are about halfway into the 10 stages of genocide. Target: Everyone who dares to resist the enslavement and oppression.

    Now that I think about it, I’m going to write about those 10 stages today and it’s going to be a ‘corrected’ version of the popularized version (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_stages_of_genocide).

    You’ll see, it all makes sense folks. Well, I mean you can connect all the dots.

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