Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached Already? The answer – Joe Biden

Joe BidenAmmoLand – by Alan Korwin

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I finally got the answer! After months of wondering and asking–

The man currently in the White House has flagrantly broken so many laws, and violated the oath of office so many times — with 535 members of Congress, why hasn’t one, not one, stood up on the floor of Congress, called him out on any of it, and sought his impeachment? Why?   

Not enough Senate votes to achieve it? That’s not an answer for why no one has officially broached the subject from the floor.

The best answer I’ve had until last night was horrifying. It came from one voice in the back of a room where I gave a speech. In a room full of blank stares from folks who hadn’t a clue, he called out, “They’re all in on it.” The room fell eerily silent.

But that’s not it.

Congressman David Schweikert, one of the most savvy members I’ve ever known, answered the question in public as he wrapped up a brilliant Q&A session led by Tea leader Francine Romesberg in Phoenix. It’s because if we could impeach and remove Obama, what happens?

It puts Joe Biden in office.

Now, Biden’s an idiot, that’s widely understood inside the Beltway, and the media bends over backwards to hide his constant insanity. But he’d be an incumbent, and the money and power of that would be nearly unstoppable come 2016. That’s Obama’s ace in the hole.

“But Biden is a zero compared to Hillary!,” I protested, and David agreed, but the power of the office is what counts, he said. And if Hillary didn’t put up a credible challenge to incumbent crazy Uncle Joe for the top spot on the Dems ticket, Joe would just put her on as VP, and that’s the end of any Republican chance. There was nothing left to argue.

So that’s why not one out of 535 in Congress is willing to attempt to remove Obama at this point. It would hand the White House to the Dems come 2016. It’s all about power politics, nothing else. Not law, not morality, not justice, it is Machiavellian. And although no one would voice it, if Hillary were cast into the number two slot, every conspiracy theorist who draws breath knows the stories of people who have conveniently disappeared under the Clintons’ march forward, don’t you.

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34 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached Already? The answer – Joe Biden

  1. Sorry I don’t buy it

    they could put a monkey in office and it wouldn’t make a dam bit of difference..Obama aint running the show any more than the last set of presidents since the late 60’s maybe even earlier, it goes deeper than him

    The bankers are calling the shots along with the elite ( tied with bankers) and huge corp. interests , and some really sick Fu(ks
    Obama is a podium sniffer that cant even pull up his own pants or articulate a solid pile of sh^t..he was put in place because he is a useless idiot, and a nigger (< yes i said it) and with him being a nigger he and his team the bankers can play the race card, next will be Hillary with the bitch card, I would say woman card but that's not fair to the real women out there in this wonderful country that were going to take back over ,and hang these treasonous bastards that have over taken over our real Republic. And the US government with a rouge bunch put in place to take this country down.

    sorry , that's just how I see it..Biden could do that job.. my dog could do that job, the white stuff that gathers at the corner of your mouth could do his job..because Obama is just the face of this overthrow

    Biden isnt Black ..and that's it period…don't care how racist that sounds ..racism isnt illegal..and I know a pile of sh^t when I step in it
    no offense (and not intended to the author ) like i said its my opinion, this is his, and Im fine with that

    BTW I wasnt like this until I was forced to become this way and see things this way, because of the crap we are dealing with and the play by this admin..some will remember all the black against white racism we have delt with from this "family" occupying the white house. He His Kids and His wookie have pushed it down our throats for over 6 years, and Im sick as hell of it
    and as far as Im concerned being a racist means I hold my race to a higher level I dont hold "them" to any level , because they havent proven anything to me other than with their every day actions of hate and actions of them against us, and destroying anything we have done to make this country a better place to live.

    the proof is right in your face. call me what you will, Im proud of it, and Im not selling a cooking show or a multi millionaire that sells duck calls , or own a basket ball team. rant over, thanks for your time.

    if you give me a few minuets ill tell you how I really feel

    if this is too much for the Moderators of this site I understand if you ban me..I had to say how I feel, there will be no hard feelings

    1. You calling the president a nigger? Well, it’s about F’N time somebody called a spade a spade! He is the “poster child” of niggerdom the way he serves his “Masters” and makes no apologies. Kudos to you Tom. I do believe that many black folks are totally embarrassed and wish this nightmare would just go away. I’ll say this. Joe Biden is a nigger. He sure acts like he’s covering for his Master. Don’t get me wrong, I have many black friends who refer to Obama as “that nigger in the White House”. They know the score. We all do.

  2. “The man currently in the White House has flagrantly broken so many laws, and violated the oath of office so many times — with 535 members of Congress, why hasn’t one, not one, stood up on the floor of Congress, called him out on any of it, and sought his impeachment? Why?”

    Stupid f’n question.

    Because they’re all in on it, THAT’S why.

    Any more questions?

  3. Bullshit! If they actually enforce the Constitution, they can impeach Biden before he even tries to get into the Oval office. The bastard is just as treasonous as Barry.

    More political bullshit rather than following the Constitution and moral rule of law.

    1. They’re ALL feeding at the same trough, NC.

      Besides, each and every one of them likely has enough hanging offense information on the rest to assure silence from everyone.

      Kind of like MAD, you know?

      1. This, as well as many interviews with him admitting that he is a Zionist, flew right over the heads of the sleeping populace. IQ tests should be administered before anyone can vote. Not that it matters with the rigged voting machines. Imagine the scenario where voting day rolls around and not one single person shows up to cast a vote. One of these idiots that are selected would be put in as CEO of the corporation anyway. Do you think the people would finally wake up to the fact that votes don’t matter, and we really have no say no matter what? That’s what it will take to wake the masses, clean house and have a hanging party.

          1. Yeah, but barbed wire might be more fun. More expensive, but more fun.

            Oh… Haha (my disclaimer)

          2. That was a flat statement, meaning I got rope. Not asking Deb if she has any.

            Heh, heh, heh…

          3. Naw brother. We’ll smoke herb, and use the rope too. You know the tree we’ll use too sir.

          4. Hey Paul, how you get your 7:54pm comment posted above my 7:53pm?
            BTW-Agreed. 🙂 LOL

          1. Have a great night sweetie, I’m turning in. Into what? That’s anyone’s guess. LOL.

            Night everyone.

        1. Well Deb, hemp was created by God, grows like a weed, and is an excellent humor enhancer, not to mention the myriad of medicinal uses that would hurt the profit margin of rich people owning stock in the pharmaceutical industry. As digger would say, “Let’s just smoke a fatty” and see what the day brings.

  4. LOL, it’s TRUE: they have all the bases covered. I’ve been saying this for years!

    If Bush was impeached, welcome PRESIDENT CHENEY!!!!!!!

    If Gore won, welcome PRESIDENT JOE LIEBERMAN!!!


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