Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

Published on Jun 7, 2019

In this powerful and informative video, Reid Henrichs discusses the proof of President Donald Trump’s disregard and disdain for the 2nd amendment. He rightfully criticizes both Republicans and Democrats for their disrespect of our founding values.

10 thoughts on “Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

  1. When you realize that he is controlled by the Zionist and that is their agenda to destroy America then you know where his allegiance lies ….. to the people that bailed him out of failed business bankruptcies, the Kushners and the Saudis. And if you think he’s against illegal immigration well in a recent speech he said he wanted more illegals here so don’t think he’s trying to stop it!!!!

  2. I really do hope that you finally learned your lesson, Reid Henrich, having voted for Trump so as Hilary wouldn’t be president…you do realize voting for the “lessor of two evils” IS STILL VOTING FOR EVIL!!!

    Well, okay at the 6 minute mark you do say you realize it…so then why the hell are you still gonna vote? Come on, man! NO ONE youy vote for gives a crap about what you think! You are not their “master”–those you oppose are their “master”…you know, donors, right?

    So half-way through you finally get it right–Congress and the govt. is a joke. So you are still gonna vote? Because I will NEVER vote Fed, state or local again. I am 66 and don’t have a lot of time left on this earth.

    Voting solves nothing! But us Trenchers do know what does…

    And, oh yeah, the Bill of Rights, not Constitution!

  3. Only the truly awake have MAJOR issues with ANYONE currently in politics being (s)elected president next year.

    Hang every last one… THEN we’ll talk about a REPUBLIC form of government (AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG!).

    1. The Patriot nurse is his wife; interesting. You’re probably correct, especially on the jewish issue as his wife is pro Israel/jewish.

    2. Proudly displaying that ‘Star of Remphan’/’Seal of Solomon’ (NOT ‘Star of David’… he’d have had NOTHING to do with THAT Satanic symbol!).

      Good post, Brian.

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