9 thoughts on “Why is so much of Aftica flowing into Italy?

    1. There is ancient culture there, beyond Catholicism. There are people trying to hold on to their country and way of living. It’s what’s happening all over Western Europe, and to a lesser degree here. Some tie it in with white genocide/homogenization. Globalization might just be another word for communism. Selfishly, I think of the positives of the culture and their contributions, their art and architecture, their cuisine, and how sadly different the world would be without them. Save Italy. And to name a few others, save France. Save Germany. Save Sweden, Save England, not the bureaucrats that steal from their people, but the heritage, the traditions, all those wonderful things that make life beautiful and interesting. I’d hate to see them go the way of our monuments here in the uS. So much history there, but they would have us forget it. Even the bad history is worth learning from.


  1. The Italian people aren’t going to put up with this forever. The U.N., the NWO, and all the puppet politicians who serve these Zionist bastards are all going down.

    The Swedes are starting to rise up, as are the Germans. Populist parties are ahead in polls…..and believe it or not, Americans are getting tired of the wetback invasion, too.

    This would be a good time for the Zionists to go economy-crashing because once we’re all struggling to survive, politics takes a back seat. In this case I think they’ve waited too long. A lot of people have learned too much about economics and the Federal Reserve Bank lately, so they’re not going to be able to use their usual scapegoats to explain away the economic collapse.

    1. Poland and Hungary are ahead of the curve, their [border] doors can close and lock and they regularly prove it works.

      The great brown out of whitey is their plan. Brown them down to dumb them down: control is their goal.

  2. It’s too late…Cockroaches hiding in the cupboards move behind and into the walls the whole time the media is telling you acceptance in the name of diversity and tolerance or otherwise you must be a racist xenophobe.
    Notice it’s never other countries being forced to accept diversity and tolerance just Western Europe, Australia and The United States….For decades we let our politicians do this to us and God help the public education system from the Collectivism being taught children now. Superstitions…weird practices…new languages being introduced messing up the next generation of a once proud unified country.

    1. “It’s too late.” Those are words I’m sure many today have whispered to themselves. I know I have. And yet, as a Tolkien fanatic, I remember countless instances from his stories where all looked absolutely hopeless, and still the brave and determined fought on, and with eventual victory, though there were always more challenges to contend with. Fiction, yes, but not without an influence on reality. I can’t say it’s never too late, but I also can’t say, it’s too late. Maybe we are at tipping point?


  3. Just my two cents…

    I look at it this way from a historical perspective as to why Africa is flowing into Italy: one, Italy is pretty close to Africa, especially the center-line of Africa, through Libya; two, Italy once ruled over Libya under Mussolini and others (and Italy once ruled over Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Italian Somaliland, now called Somalia, as well). Now, Britain and France ruled over most of Africa, but I’d say Italy is closer; three, a large number of Africans seem to be coming through Libya, meaning, going to Italy, and many of these coming from Libya are being enslaved there thanks to the overthrow of Kaddafi by the US and others. Finally, Italy is where the Pope is, and ol’ Francis is one helluva helluva if you know what I mean… 🙂

  4. Unelected and thoroughly corrupted EU officials decide the replacement birthrate for taxpayers in Italy and the EU is not being met to keep the Ponzi scheme going (remember the Vatican begging Italians to have more children a scant few years ago?) only the new citizen savages seem to have brought worse problems. Zionists see a means to destroy national unity and bring communism by flooding the EU with illiterate savages, making mass theft easy and bring totalitarian control.The hopes for a decent life vanish for citizens young and old die as accursed Government officials demand that YOU pay for them. All done while cynically calling for more “Diversity” (Conformity).

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