Why is the Election Fraud Allowed to Continue?

We constantly see draconian laws being put into place for the express purposes of creating revenue and further insulating the corporate elite from we the people, most recently the no-Trespass Law.  We are told these laws are necessary, but necessary for whom?  We also have others like the seat belt law which is enforced with an attitude of zero tolerance, supposedly for our safety but in reality to bolster the profits of the insurance companies.

Our Constitution dictates that we were never supposed to have laws that control our activities; in fact the only restraint on any citizen’s right is if, in exercising that right, he or she infringes upon another’s right or rights.

We have been observing the most blatant election fraud occurring in the United States’ recorded history.  We know the system is corrupt and when we first started going after the Republican ticket for our man Ron Paul, we knew that the corporate controlled Republican Party would try to stop us at all costs, and indeed they have.

We said back when we began that we would have to come out in such overwhelming numbers that we could not be denied, and we have come out in mass.  And the level of fraud that has had to have been perpetrated to deny Dr. Paul his just wins has been so extensive that it has been obvious to all who observe.

So why are there no investigations?  Well just look at our Justice Department, which consists of dope dealers and gun runners.  Some would say that as the Justice Department is controlled by the Democrats there should be an incentive to investigate the blatant election fraud being perpetrated by the Republican Party.  But what if the Republicans are telling the Democrats that if they push for investigations of election fraud, the Republicans will push for prosecutions for Operation Gunrunner.  Maybe this is why the Justice Department is showing no interest in the election fraud.

When one citizen is disenfranchised we all are and election fraud is a hell of a lot more than just shenanigans.  When the corrupt Republican Party and the corrupt corporate media manipulate our election process in any way, they are indeed manipulating the lives of each and every one of us.  And they are breaking the law in using the organized Republican Party (a 502(c)3 tax exempt corporation) to nullify the citizen’s 1st Amendment right to the redress of the grievance through the election process.

We are forced to face the fact that the election fraud will continue.  This being said we must come out in even greater numbers and let our enemies know that we will not be swayed by political corruptness and that our numbers will continue to build into an army that will take this country back by force if we are denied reason.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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