18 thoughts on “Why is the glass on the sidewalk and not inside the store?

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Yeap,… that glass was blown from the inside out.

    By the pattern of glass shard distribution, the point of maximum force does seem to be approx. to the right of center, as evident by the distance from window frame of the broken glass.

    If the blast (external) had caused the glass to shatter, it would have been blown in.

    This is not the case.

    As can be seen in the picture, the clear majority of glass is outside, and in a distrubution pattern consistent with a low intensity blast from inside.

    Had it been a high intensity blast from inside, the glass fragements would have been deposited further away from the widow frame/building.

    Another physicals impossibility as per gov’t story.

    JD – US Marines – Somehting smells rotten in Denmark……

  2. someone stated that a man in the many photos circulating looked a lot like tim mcveigh. of course it could be the usual internet disinfo troll but i have a tendency to question everything.

  3. Glass falls with gravity if predominant force after initial impulse. See gunshot percussion next to window. The bombing was real, the people were hurt and some very badly. Wise-up and focus on the real issue, why chechnya, why these kids, why israel come to help, why citizens and not govt, why backpacks not cylindrical?

    Yes, sandy hook was false flag. Gay Vanderbilt w/watercolor proclaimed it loudly on national tele.

  4. There was no blood on the leg stumps because those were prosthetics.
    Many runners in marathons are physically challenged.

  5. After the bomb exploded, a vacuum was created that was sucking air into the void.
    Kind of like lightning.
    This vacuum pulled the damaged glass to the street side.
    Anybody got a better explanation?

  6. Hey Rhums that funny line from the show works pretty good on prop peddlers.They seem to go quiet when confronted with honesty and truth but thats why this is so much fun its almost like a patriots video game swatting the shills LOL I think maybe I thought you were from KENTUCK is cause guys I know from there call it that and it rhymes with you and the moon shiney expertise well what was a man to think,apparently the wrong thing. Anyway I knew a girl in the 70s from Ft Jackson Wi. she was a partier anyway HAPPY 420 to all the peacefull folks out there.

        1. I think it should be like BEER thirty, SO EVERY HOUR ON THE 20 MINUTE MARK You guys BURN ONE FOR ME as I have a real “drug” problem ,as in IM OUT OF DRUGS and thats a problem.smoke em if ya got um .

        2. HaHaHa Rummy, I`m kind of hopeing that it is international time :). I will be burning one as I surely hope you can also. We also cannot forget to burn one for Steve too. And Henry and for all of the very good people here and abroad 🙂

          1. 4:20 eastern is in a minute.
            I guess I’ll burn each hour for the next 4 hours!
            That should about cover everyone!

    1. Steve, I didn’t answer this earlier!
      My kin hail from Kentucky County, Virginia Colony, later known as Bath County, Kentucky!
      I can prove it in the Boone (Yes that one!) family Bible.

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