Why the “Elites” Are Lower Than the Animals

OffSpectrum with James Farganne

Tonight, I stepped on a snail. I felt the shell give way, stopped, and in the lamplight could make out the wet spot.

Well, at least it died instantly.

I felt bad about it, as I always do. (It is a common summer occurrence.) The snail was sailing blissfully along at its snail’s pace and then — what? — maybe the blinding light flash we will all experience when that moment comes?  

Anyway, it got me to thinking.

I felt bad about killing a snail. Why?

Because it was a conscious being, with nerves that drove it this way and that. We couldn’t have discussed the weather, but that much at least we had in common.*

I feel similarly bad every time I eat flesh of any kind, but because my health suffers whenever I try to get by without it, I consume it. Seems to be a part of the price of living here in “meatspace” reality. So my existence here is uneasy.

Anyway, it got me to thinking.

The snail fed on, what — algae? microorganisms? “lower” forms of life?

Yes, indeed, LOWER.

Why lower?

Because those lower forms, including the snail, could never feel any compunction about destroying or consuming anything. They just operate. They just consume. And from the perspective of me tending my garden, they also do occasionally destroy. Maybe “ruin” would be a better word.

I feel bad about killing the snail because I recognize that it suffers. It doesn’t recognize suffering below it. I understand suffering from above it. Therefore I have something called a conscience, a soul, and that is what places me “above” it.

Now look at the “elites” who are “above” us. To them, destroying Libya is even less than my stepping on a snail. They have no compunction, no conscience, no feeling of wrongdoing, even though, unlike me, they didn’t do it accidentally. They did it on purpose. Yet they still have no remorse about it. On the contrary, they feel glee. And they would call my compunction a ridiculous weakness.

This is proof that they are lower than the animals. At least the animals have no thoughts about what they are doing. The “elites” think deeply about what they are doing, but they do it anyway. And they feel no remorse.

The “elites” are lower, much lower than the animals. They have consented to be brought so low.

This, to my mind, is PROOF of how low they are.

* A lot of “scientists” would maintain that the snail is just a biological automaton, with no consciousness. Well, those scientists are sham priests thinking they understand mysteries beyond their comprehension. They have never applied empirical observation to consciousness. They just assume the snail has no consciousness. They analyze, they assume, but when it comes to consciousness, they do not see, and they not know.

A snail has consciousness. It is sensitive. It pursues what is pleasant to it, and avoids what is not. That goes for all creatures great and small. So I avoid killing them unless I have or just happen to, and when it happens, I feel bad.


8 thoughts on “Why the “Elites” Are Lower Than the Animals

  1. If I thought like you for one day I’d see a bunch of ants on the breezeway and not trying to step on them I would tip toe around, slip and fall and break my god damn ankle. Then I miss work, my boss gets mad and fires me. I can’t pay my mortgage now or my car payment. The sheriff came yesterday to throw me out of my house and the only thing I have to ride is my bicycle, which I can’t ride because my freek’in ankle is broken. Thanks for the advice libtard.

    1. Well, I’m not sure how your employer would feel about a broken ankle, since they don’t seem to mind your broken brain, nor your lack of general human standards, so, well, I’m sure they’d make arrangements to keep a guy like you, since they’ve gone this far anyway . . .
      Unless you work for one of those Warehouses from an earlier story, and all you have to do then is tell them “you’ll try harder”. OK?
      Thanks for the warning about what kind of person you are, General Retard.

    2. I see the point the author was making is lost on you.
      Choke that red pill down and wake the flock up!

  2. And therein lies the beauty of living.
    While we recognize the dangers inherent within, we appreciate the damage we do, and we should recognize that what we do to the least, we suffer ourselves. I have watched wildlife of all stripes sit next to my parents and grandparents and never fear for their safety. Because those folks value life. ALL LIFE HAS MEANING.
    The point at which life is cheap, makes your life cheap. Yes, we must take to live, but where possible, we should never create more suffering in the world. I have to eat too, and I live in “meat country”, so I understand the sacrifice to keep us fed. But we don’t have to be cruel or callous.
    My Grandfather used to say “take all you want, but eat all you take”. And we should all know the axiom “waste not, want not”.
    Joe, You’re an ass.

    1. Nothing like name calling directed at a poster to get your point across. I’m sure the “Elites” will support your efforts of oneness with nature and the long talks with Bambi while they rape & piliage the land, it’s wildlife and it’s peoples. Lots of beauty in that living, eh? Hope to see you on the battlelines if you can break away from Mother Earth’s teat.

  3. As for that bold lettered paragraph about the elites having no conscience, etc…that’s not because they are “above” us, but because they are psychopaths.

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