Why The Third Amendment Is Becoming Relevant Again

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Abby Martin goes over a case of police overstepping authority in Nevada, when they forced entry into a home and arrested the occupants, all in an effort to illegally use the homes for a stakeout, which the owners claim is in violation of the third amendment.

The third amendment (Amendment III)  prohibits, in peacetime or wartime, the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner’s consent. Many people consider it to be the most archaic amendment of the original Bill Of Rights, and there have been no major Supreme Court cases concerning it’s violations, mainly because the quartering it forbids has not been attempted since the American Revolution.

However, in a time where police in the United States are becoming overly militarized and now act as aggressively as soldiers, it is clear we now need the third amendment more than ever.

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One thought on “Why The Third Amendment Is Becoming Relevant Again

  1. Some judge somewhere will rule that police are not soldiers so they are exempt from the third amendment. Whatever will work against the people and work for law enforcement will become the law of the land.

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