9 thoughts on “Why They Don’t Wanna Get My Kinda People Involved in WW3

  1. He’s free to have his religious beliefs; I just hope he makes room for mine. Oh boy, I don’t wanna be a party spoiler, but… I’m sniffin’ out Trumpie, and a left/right mind-set. And what about this?:

    “The moment the men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.”

    On the contrary I think that moment would bring alive more of who we truly are. When I think about fighting back I don’t see it as “a form of suicide.” Heck, I’m goin’ in with intent to get the bad guy(s) and hopefully comin’ out alive. It’s instinctual. I mean the will to survive. If it goes the other way it won’t be because I lived up to the definition of “suicide.”

    “Suicide, noun: the action of killing oneself intentionally.”

    Intentionally is the operative word.

    I guess I’ll go on a little Buddy hunt and see if I can find out a bit more of what this guy is about.


  2. “The moment the men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.”
    Galen, if you have ever met a Vietnam vet those words ring true, as well as most vets. War is an ugly yet necessary fact we are all facing today. Is our fight righteous, yes for damn sure it is. Henry’s words stand so true when he states “you better get your head straight.” Everyone will be effected one way or another but if we want our law back there’s only one way, war.
    As far as if he still thinks voting will change anything idk but he does see the writing on the wall. Me personally, I so related to this. I want to be left alone yet these sob’s are hell bent on that not happening.

    1. Thanks, Misty. I looked at some of his older vids. Yeah, he likes Trump for president. I didn’t look at too many, but that was enough. I’m glad you get something out of this, but it set me on-watch.

      As for the suicide bit… I was just putting it in the context of what we currently face. I just cannot think of my self as intentionally committing suicide. Just speaking for me and my own mind-set. To go in with that attitude is a kind of defeatism. I do understand that there are some who enter a fight knowing they can’t win, but I believe most are under unlawful and corrupted orders and maybe even disillusioned themselves. I cry for my Viet Nam brothers. They lived and fought under one of the greatest deceits ever visited on mankind.

      For me, “getting my head straight” is about being able to summon whatever it takes to do as much damage as I possibly can to the enemy, while equally trying to protect what I love, as well as my own life. I say this knowing many of us will die, and I may be among them, but I will not carry a banner of suicide into the battles. Of course, anyone who wants to do that is free to do so, but as for who’s fighting next to me, I’d rather have those who are goin’ in to win and giving their all, with intention to come out alive and victorious, I mean to at least try.


      1. I can only go by what I heard, but what I took this guy as saying was not that it was suicide to fight as in death to the body but rather death to the person’s state of being.
        One look I knew he was a Trumptard, but when you talk about getting the mind right we are talking about what terrible things we are going to have to do to enforce our law and assure our sovereignty.
        People have asked me about having to face head on, as in going to find them dead the death of my little brother when I was 22 and he was 16. I explain it to them like this. When something like this happens to you a chunk of your soul is ripped out and you never get it back and you’ll never be the same person because for the rest of your life the best things that happen to you will never be as good as they could have been.
        This is going to take people that would under normal circumstances have enjoyed their lives right up till the end. But the people who do the fighting and killing will never again be able to be truly happy and no matter how content they can find a way to make themselves, it will never be close to what it could have been. Whether you are killed in the war or live through it, if you fight you are going to lose a part of yourself, but the fact is we have no choice because the alternative is misery and death for everyone, even for the little children too young to understand what the fighting is about. So I will fight with the knowledge that no matter what else happens another part of me is going to be gone. It just can’t be helped.
        Think of all the fools who fought for the filthy rich in the industrial war complex and wallowed in the blood and destruction, only to find out that all they were fighting for was mammon and indeed against freedom and liberty. I have to believe they find difficulty in accepting what they did knowing it was completely unnecessary.
        At least what we have to do in enforcing the law of December 15, 1791 we are doing the righteous thing, the right thing, our true duty and our people will love us for it. But we will sacrifice what might have been and enjoyment we might have felt had we not had to do it. This is the price of liberty and every man who values it will pay it and when forced to fight, will fight like a demon out of hell because what you are going to lose you are going to lose anyway. If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly and kill every f-king one of them and then put such stringent safeguards in place so that no other generation has to sacrifice their soul on account of their delinquency and lack of honor to their duty to sacrifice whatever they have to to keep our law absolute.
        Anyway, this is what I think.

        1. Thank you, Henry. I do not expect to come out of it unchanged. But if I do come out alive, there has to be some comfort in knowing I had a part in killing and destroying evil.

          I am so sorry to hear about your little brother and the impact that had on you. Life sure does bring some of the most difficult and trying challenges.


        2. Thanks Henry, the words you spoke are exactly where my mind is with clip yet I can never put it to paper. You have a great gift and thank you for everything you do sharing your wisdom.

        3. The best analysis, honest and heartfelt interpretation I have yet to hear about that “poem”. Thank You, Henry.
          As a retired physician anesthesiologist, I have seen many civilian people die from GSWs. In spite of our incredible efforts to save them. Some who probably deserved it. But that’s not up to me.
          And many who were completely innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time.
          I hate watching anyone die. I don’t like thinking about it.
          I knew when both of my parents were imminently close to death. I was there and said my goodbyes. But I couldn’t watch their moment of death. Call me weak. Call me a coward. I had done so much to prevent them from their inevitable death. I felt crushed by their deaths. I felt that I had failed.
          It wasn’t up to me.
          I certainly don’t want to watch another human die as a result of defending my life, or my family members lives.
          However, I will not hesitate for a moment.
          I’ve experienced this situation before.
          I loudly communicated to him what I was going to do if he proceeded to threaten my family. Fortunately for him and me. He made the right choice. He killed himself about 5 years later. Ruining someone else’s life by going through an intersection at high speed at dusk where their car hit his motorcycle and he died. They will never forget that.

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