6 thoughts on “Why This Country Boy’s Got a LITTLE Problem Buyin’ the Government’s C-Virus Claims

  1. Who better than a snake to peddle snake oil? I thought it was the home shopping network for a moment but then I realized hsn isn’t dangerous like the other guy talking out the side of his mouth.

  2. So I can buy a tiny bottle of supposedly 75 percent rubbing alcohol for the same price as I can buy a pint of 91 percent rubbing alcohol… Cute, Cuomo, cute. Oh wait… I live in Texas…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  3. M M M My Corona
    When you gonna give it to me, give it to me? Is it just a matter of time Corona? Is it just destiny, destiny?
    Or is it just a game in my mind, Corona?

  4. Since the MSM was SO honest about Russian collusion, Ukraine phone call, Mueller report, Steele dossier, border wall, Biden corruption in Ukraine, Gov’t pay-for-play, Benghazi, Clinton crime syndicate, WWIII with Iran, 9-11 ,,,etc…

    Surely all the reports about Coronavirus are legit.

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