Why would police need 12,000 bayonets?

Ottawa Citizen – by David Pugliese

The debate about military gear being provided for free to U.S. police forces continues. Critics warn that the Pentagon’s program which has provided more than $5 billion worth of military equipment to civilian police forces since 1990 has further fueled the “militarization” of police. The equipment has included everything from MRAPS to sniper rifles to medical kits and helicopters.

In Canada, the flow of equipment is much less – mainly confined to armoured personnel carriers.  

During recent hearings one U.S. senator pointed out that Texas police departments have 12 times the number of MRAPs than the state’s National Guard. In Florida, local law enforcement has received 45 MRAPs while the state’s National Guard has none, added the article in the Christian Science Monitor.

During the hearings, Sen. Rand Paul focused on the fact that the Pentagon had provided 12,000 bayonets to police departments.

He asked Alan Estevez, the Pentagon’s principal deputy undersecretary for acquisition, technology, and logistics, for an explanation about the bayonets.

“I cannot answer what use bayonets would be,” Estevez responded.

“I can answer it for you,” Senator Paul replied. “None.”



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