8 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Need To Vote

  1. So, celebrities will mock me if I don’t vote? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah…I mean, after all, my books (see ads at side) mock celebrities from beginning to end…And the old “If you don’t vote you can’t complain” crapola…the time for complaining is over.

  2. been watching this game for 42 years


    yeah voting LOL
    giving consent to the slave master to keep whipping me, sure where do I sign ..RME

  3. oops, posted wrong comment in wrong page.

    since i’m here, on voting, yes, we all know its a sham selecting re-presentatives.

    on local funding issues i would always vote NO on every single suggestion ‘the board of selectmen’ recommend a YES vote on.

    6 million for a new fire station…. uh no.

    2 million for 150 foot bridge… uh no.

    but somehow the initiatives always seem to advance ahead, gee wiz i’m shocked 😉

    the new bridge went in and all i saw was brand new cement trucks and new equipment for the suck ass company that “won” the contract.


  4. The one guy in the video says, “I vote because I’m not a motherf#$king Communist”.


    WOW! You’re a special kinda stupid.

    Tell that to Stalin. “It doesn’t matter how many votes there are, it only matters who counts the votes”.

    That’s voting crap was all I heard at the office today like it’s a government errand that they have to do.

    “Oh, I have to leave early so I can go vote.” “Do I still have time to vote after my shift ends?” “Mind if I leave early, I have to go vote.” “How do I know which button to press when I vote? Are they labeled? Who’s good? Who should I vote for?”

    Do you hear that? Some of them don’t even know who to voting for, yet they are voting like they need to be with the in-crowd or something.


    Yet, they all laugh at me like I’m a kook when i ask them what’s the point of voting when every state in the country has voting machines that have been proven to be rigged every single year? It’s like they completely forgot about the last two or three RIGGED presidential elections. They totally have the mind of a three year old and keep living in denial. And they carry their, “I voted” buttons around and show it off to everyone like an infant with its new toy. It’s like I’m surrounded by children.

    Yes, sheeple, just keep hitting yourselves over the head, just ONE MORE time!


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