WI: Racine Gun Turn in (buy back) a Bust

Gun Watch – by Dean Weingarten

About as many people turned up to buy firearms as turned up to turn them in.

A total of 77 guns were turned in, with many of them being BB guns.

About 50 people turned up to buy any guns that were worth more than the gift cards offered by the turn in organizers.    It is very common for people turning in guns to bring two or more guns to be turned in.  

The turn in organizers had $2,500 left over to purchase more firearms.  It will be used at some future event.

Many of the people who showed up to buy firearms were members of Wisconsin Carry.

Citizens purchasing private firearms at these events has become very common where private purchases are not banned by law.

Scholars have concluded that such events are ineffective at reducing crime, while opponents have said that they amount to little more than political theater aimed at undermining the Second Amendment, while being subsidized by local police forces.

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2 thoughts on “WI: Racine Gun Turn in (buy back) a Bust

  1. I think these gun buy-backs are helping us because they’re getting good guns out of forgotten corners of attics and putting them into the hands of Patriots who show up to pay more than the buy-backers.

  2. The greatest misnomer of these so called “buy-backs” is in the name of the event itself. Thinks about it; buy back. As if they ever owned it in the first place to say they are buying it back. Let’s see, the firearm is manufactured by the manufacturer which is the real original owner. The manufacturer sells it to a distributor in most cases which wholesales the firearm to a retailer. Then a person off the street buys it from the retailer. At what point did the government ever own that firearm? Never, not at any point in the chain of custody, did the government ever own that firearm. Saying it is a “buy-back” is some sort of psy-op word play to instill in the minds of the mentally deficient, that somehow the government is buying back property that once belonged to them.

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