Wife Crashes SUV, Kills Husband Clinging to Hood

Find Law – by Aditi Mukherji

A New York wife accused of killing her husband with her SUV is now in custody on murder charges.

The Queens woman allegedly sped around two boroughs of New York City with her husband clinging to the hood of the SUV before she crashed into another SUV and killed the man Sunday morning.  

Police sources told the New York Post that the husband, 34-year-old Soria Espinosa, was screaming, “Stop the car!” — but that only made suspect Maria Espinosa, 51, allegedly floor it, hitting speeds up to 80 mph.

Clinging to the Hood

charge for murder means prosecutors believe the suspect killed someone intentionally. The degree of the charge indicates whether the murder was premeditated.

Investigators say a dispute about money triggered the incident, and led Soria to jump onto the SUV’s hood. When Soria wouldn’t get off the hood, Espinosa backed up, hitting a parked car in an attempt to shake him off, according to the Post.

But he stayed on. So Espinosa hit the gas and reached speeds of up to 80 mph — with Soria clinging for his life on the hood.

Espinosa drove nine blocks before making a U-turn. She then drove about two more blocks before she struck a car, pinning Soria and killing him, police say.

Allegations of Domestic Violence

While there are some defenses to murder, it’s unlikely that Espinosa’s actions will fall under one of them. A self-defense theory probably wouldn’t apply since it doesn’t seem Soria was threatening her when he asked her for the car keys and money.

However, there were past incidents of domestic violence between them, according to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Still, even if a defendant fears death or bodily harm, her reaction to a threat can’t take place after the threat of death or bodily harm has passed. Here, any threat Soria may have posed likely passed when he was clinging to the SUV’s hood, so Maria would likely have a tough time trying to justify lethal force to a jury.

After the crash, Espinosa was allegedly crying and appeared confused, according to witnesses. That could suggest an eventual insanity defense or “heat of passion” affirmative defense as her case proceeds.


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      1. Better solution.

        Put both seat AND cover down.

        That way EVERYONE has to put AT LEAST one, or both.

        Besides, if you pee on the seat, odds are you’ll end up having to take a dump 10 minutes later. 🙂

        Murphy’s law.

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  1. She was far from a sugar momma and was probably using him, he made 825,000 a year.

    Ahh yes, but the man is always to blame nowadays.

    She probably stole a pile of cash from him, he had to pay bills, so she murdered him with the SUV he bought her.

    Better luck with that version of the story than “sugar momma”.

    1. It’s not a divorce settlement. The idiot picked a fight with an SUV and lost. What good is blame when the man lost his life?

      1. I have to say, the blame lies with both. Not sure how a man dumb enough to try to stop an SUV with his body can make $825k per year. Peter Principle I suppose?

      2. I started this thread out with a sarcastic remark. I wasn’t blaming anyone. Just that it seems to be a standard comment with some females in conversation regarding the seat not being placed back down. If it’s up … God gave you two arms … put it back down. No big deal.

        I’m curious to know what actually happened in this situation and why was he on top of the hood and being taken for a ride only to end up losing his life?

        . . .

  2. A gun would have been quicker, but it would have fueled the anti-gun debate, now the anti-suv people have ammunition on their side.

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