WikiLeaking – Terrorism?


This is how governments take control.  It works like this.  A report appears on every mainstream propaganda channel depicting an apartment in the inner city wherein little children have been left to fend for themselves under deplorable conditions.  They are eating what they can scavenge while wading and crawling through their own feces.  (The problem)

The good citizens watch the news clip over and over on every channel for about a week, after which there is a cry throughout the land to stop the abuse which has been witnessed.  (The Reaction)

Our so called representatives step up and pass laws granting sweeping new powers to the private corporations that administer child protective services.  (The Solution)

Five years later people living in the suburbs and the countryside are having their children taken for being overweight, hence eating too much good food.  (The End Result)

Of course the children in the inner city are still suffering the most egregious abuses but the powers that be do not go to the inner city unless they need a news clip for a new problem like rape, murder, and drug abuse, which has been and will always be waiting in the inner cities to be reported on.

WikiLeaks just released thousands more documents which our government wanted to keep secret.  These particular documents deal with statements made by our diplomats in reference to foreign heads of state and their underlings.

Of the ones I have seen on the mainstream propaganda, one involved one of our diplomats comparing France’s President Sarkozy to the king with no clothes.  While another diplomat compared Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to Hitler.  Sounds like the seventh grade to me.  However it is being portrayed as a problem of the greatest magnitude.  I heard several propagandists calling for WikiLeak’s founder, Jimmy Wales, to be categorized as a terrorist and to have his site removed from the net.

Well they have definitely put forth the problem and are pushing for the reaction.  And what will be the solution?  Well there is already talk of holding Congressional hearings on the matter.  Now wouldn’t this be an opportune moment to push for the hurried up passage of the Cyber Security Act?

Of course there is no mention of finding out how the security system we have paid billions of dollars to create and maintain allowed for a low level government employee to access the information and leak it.  If it is their plan to push passage of the Cyber Security Act, it should soon become evident and if it does pass within a year writers like myself will be labeled terrorist and sites like this will be banned.

You see, if they just came out and passed the Cyber Security Act without using the problem, reaction, solution formula, the people of this country would have to embrace the fact that they are having Chinese style censorship implemented on them by an out of control tyrannical government.

I think we had better watch this issue very closely.  And I hope that every alternative media source will be reporting on it extensively as the survival of the alternative media and our First Amendment Right to freedom of speech depends on it.

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  1. Yeah, this is going to be interesting to see how much reaction from our public comes from a cyber security nail in the coffin. Funny thing is the information that was stolen came from another type of an official American Internet network, to which 2.5 million persons are said to have special access. Then, given to WikiLeaks to post on the world wide web.

    No goddamn security whatsoever on the other Internet system at all that held American secrets, so easy to access that a US Army Pfc. could access. You can’t make this shit up!

    So what is Eric Holder going to do now? Put Barney Fife on the case?

    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the King of Saudi Arabia read some of the gooble de gook about Iran.

    1. Mark,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. How would you like to have the money those in our government spend on investigating one another in a year? And what do they find out for all that money? The one being investigated mislead (lied), misappropriated (stole), and mistakenly transfered (payoff). What do they get for their crime? Worst case scenario they retire early.
      I’m telling you brother, this country is rich and a person could live large just on the money we pay for their transportation. The only bright spot is, it can’t go on forever. I guess it’s just how bad is it going to get before we fix it.

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