WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Goes on the Defense with “Poison Pill”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is threatening to release thousands more documents if he is arrested or his site is shut down.  The documents are apparently encrypted with a code that will cause their release all over the world with the push of a single button.  Mr. Assange is presently in hiding and says he fears for his life.

It is also reported that WikiLeaks is experiencing cyber attacks on its servers.  Where the attacks are coming from is unknown however several government officials have been calling for American cyber soldiers to be directed to attack the site.  Also PayPal has canceled WikiLeaks account making it unable to receive donations.

Senator Mitch McConnell called Mr. Assange a high tech terrorist and said, “I think he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if that becomes a problem I think we should change the law.”  This statement could be construed as a possible opening for a push to pass the infamous Cybersecurity Act.

Of the information brought forth through the documents released by WikiLeaks is a report outlining contributions made by citizens of Saudi Arabia to terrorist organizations, like the Sunni Resistance in Iraq, which the U. S. is presently in conflict with.  Other documents confirmed that President Zardari of Pakistan has indeed been receiving bribes from various interests around the world.

Dan Rather, in an interview on MSNBC described the most recent leaks as akin to the secret bombing of Cambodia in that basically all involved, Russia, China, Viet Nam, and Cambodia, were all aware that the bombings were occurring.  And in fact the only ones being kept out of the loop were the American people.

Julian Assange has stated previously that WikiLeaks will be releasing further documents in January which will be exposing fraud and corruption in American banking and business, leaving many to speculate as to why the leaked documents seemed not to be overly critical until the present.

The Obama administration is at present shuffling our diplomats all over the world for the stated purpose of protecting their lives.  The State Department is warning state employees to refrain from reading the leaked documents.  Also college students are being warned not to write about the WikiLeaks documents in their Face Book or Twitter accounts as doing so could hurt their prospects for finding a job in the future.   Apparently in some instances knowing or writing about the truth can hurt you.

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