Will Alex Jones Lead us to Victory?

Whether you call it the alternative media or patriot communications, in the past year the grass roots has come back to claim the venue to the point of representing a threat to the alternate media empires that have been built around the ideals of freedom and liberty.  The patriot movement, like every other aspect of our wealth dominated society, is being corrupted as more and more of the big websites and broadcasts are holding back on the whole truth in an effort to protect the institutions they have created.

American patriots, being American patriots, more and more have stepped up to fill the void, and in presenting the uncompromised whole truth, have become a threat to the alternate news media empires.

A lot is being made over the recent appearance of Alex Jones on CNN’s Piers Morgan Monday night and there is nothing but speculation as to whether the incident represents a good thing or a bad thing for the resistance.  When all else fails I guess we should just step back and look at reality.

Alex’s credibility and sway in the movement was definitely on the decline.  One of the major factors contributing to this reality is the fact that he refuses to address the root of the problem, which is Zionist control of the US government via the dual citizen Israeli Americans occupying our highest seats of power and the very un-American influence of AIPAC on literally every policy decision.

Many of us see Alex Jones as not but a Zionist shill held in place to manipulate the masses within the movement and keep us stagnant and delay our formation into a legitimate fighting force.

The communist insurgents within our government have bit off more than they can chew with this latest attack on our 2nd Amendment, in fact to the point that their actions have caused our armed patriot forces to further expand by the millions.  We have put forth the assertion that we will not allow any gun confiscations or accept any legislation that turns honest men and women into felons.  We have put our foot down.

The undeniable facts are that every piece of gun control legislation to date is by definition an unconstitutional infringement upon our unalienable 2nd Amendment right and thus an act of treason.  Now, instead of just wanting to be left alone, we want those unconstitutional laws removed.  All of this as the shills within the alternate media are losing their influence.

The mainstream propagandists will not so much as acknowledge the patriot resistance and our true numbers.  Yet through this fabricated discourse between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan, Alex has been propelled once again into the spotlight.  The only question is how effective will this delaying tactic be?

If Alex Jones were a true leader within the movement, at this point in the ball game he would be giving explicit instructions on exactly how to organize, arm, equip, and train for the inevitable, unavoidable armed conflict that lies ahead.  Also he would be identifying our enemies who are the Zionists.  If you are going into a situation where in your life is on the line, the greatest tool you can possibly possess is the best information available on your enemy.

Alex Jones will now see how long he can hold up the furtherance of the movement as at this point delay is on the side of our enemy.  Do not delay.  Organize, equip, and train.  If you find Alex entertaining, go ahead and listen, but realize that delays at this stage are going to cost lives in the final analyses.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

31 thoughts on “Will Alex Jones Lead us to Victory?

  1. To understand Alex Jones, I think people have to first understand how governments deal with opposition from within their own country.

    It’s usually imprudent to just round them up and throw them in jail, or kill them, because either option invariably results in more opposition, so the standard technique is to infiltrate, subvert, or even create the opposing groups so they can easily be controlled, and all of their anger can be directed in ways that cause fewer problems for the government, which simultaneously maintains what appears to be freedom to dissent.

    That’s what Alex Jones does for a living. His job is to have a loud enough voice to attract any dissidents to his camp, and fill their heads with non-sense that doesn’t pose any real threat to the prevailing powers, and in fact, usually makes them look silly in the eyes of anyone they try to spread the message to.

    He’s a lying idiot with a bullhorn, and the sooner people start ignoring the fool the better off we’ll all be.

    1. Hi Jolly Roger,

      You are spot on,.. AJ is a plant,… and not a very convincing one the to the discerning eye.

      What gave him away almost instantly to me when I first learned of AJ, was 2 critical flaws in his methods/rhetoric:

      1) Names: He rarely mentions any names of importance of the people behind the NWO and their debacharies. Yes, he throws up a few well known, celebrity status names, like Queen Beatrice, Geitner, Bernanke, Gore,…and the “usual suspects”,… but in reality, IF AJ was a real exposer of this criminal cartel,… their are hundreds of names, never openly discussed before,… he would mention daily, and have posted on his website that criminal proceedings could be initiated specifically against them.

      As it is,… Alex Jones protects their indentities,.. just the way they like it!,.. that is no coincidence.

      2) Solutions: AJ’s “typical” solution is to,…

      (drum roll please,….brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrupT!) ,….

      To yell thru a bullhorn!

      (Ta-Daaaaaa,.. horns blaring!)

      Yeah!,.. thats got them scared!!!,… we all know how the wealthiest pyschopaths in the world fear someone yelling at them (NOT by name) through a Bullhorn, from hundreds of yards away!!!

      Wow,… after “investigating” and researching who these people are, how they are organized, what their goals are,… which includes the systematic extermination of billions!,… this is the best solution AJ could come up with???!!!!


      AJ’s tactics are SPECIFICALLY designed to give the appearence of dissent and attack,.. when in reality, it protects and diverts people from executable, effective strategies and tactics.

      Never trust any personality or site that refuses to identify who the real criminals are, or that do NOT discuss truly effective methods of exposing and arresting the platinum card club members of the NWO.

      These above two “tell-tales” catagories will ALWAYS work as a filter to determine the real agenda of any group,site or individuals, for it is absolutely impossible that any genuine interest would ever over look: 1) Identifying the real criminals,.. by crime, method, name and address, & 2) Offering up ideas of genuine, executable solutions to start the process of exposing and arresting of the people destroying this country.

      Good Job Jolly Roger,.. you identified an inside mole all to easily.

      JD – US Marines – The REAL solution ALWAYS starts with identifying who is causing the problems, how and who they actually are,.. and of course,… identifying legal, executable solutions that will lead to their exposure, arrest and conviction, anything less,… is by definition,.. less,.. and therefore an indicator of a subversive agenda.

      1. He’s another distraction out of a group of many. AJ doesn’t even rate “boogie man” status, but I haven’t seen a Zionist that did.

  2. Alex’s job, was to make people seeking truth, to look like a nut job.

    That the info he chooses to expose is nothing but crazy paranoia. IMHO…His job is to also try and get people to take to the streets and create civil unrest, so the Zionist sociopaths running our government, can declare martial law and start their “NWO”.

    We are in a race to the finish and either the American people wake up in time, or we are going the way of all other communist countries….

  3. Pierce Morgan is a fame seeking ass clown who is even hated by his own people in Britain. Alex isn’t doing himself any favors by appearing on this clowns show.

    Nobody watches CNN

  4. What made me realize Alex was a fraud was when some of his “guests” on his “show” were exposed as actors. One of them was Tony Greenberg posing as Bin Ladin’s son and interviewed by Alex. The interview was a hoax and eventually exposed as such.
    We should also look closely at who Alex is pointing a finger at. He rips on Glenn Beck and accuses him of wrong doing and acting when Beck tells it like it is, exposes the Zionists, spends a week exposing Soros to the very core” etc. Yet Alex claims Beck as a fraud instead of a Patriot Leader. Alex is obviously not who he claims to be.
    I listened to Alex interview Bill Cooper many years ago concerning CIA inside information. The interview went very smooth but it was obvious Cooper knew far more than Alex wanted to talk about. A few days later Alex started thrashing on Coopers credibility pretty violently. Even claiming years later that Cooper “went crazy” on his show and had to be “kicked out of the building”. Not even close.
    Cooper was killed late at night outside of his home in St Johns, Arizona by CIA agents and County Sheriffs Deputies claim Cooper attacked them.
    And the list goes on.
    Alex only digs so deep. Turn him off and spread the word. Yes, “911 Was An Inside Job” … but Alex Jones is also an inside job.

    1. What made me realize Alex was a fraud was when some of his “guests” on his “show” were exposed as actors. One of them was Tony Greenberg posing as Bin Ladin’s son and interviewed by Alex

      yes. there appears to be alot of this going on.
      check out this website
      theres an interesting clip in there going back to the occupy wall street televised by russia today. it’s the incident where one of the girls was maced by the goon but they didn’t show the entire scene.

      here is the clip
      the scene i’m talking about starts at 39:20 but the whole thing is worth watching.

      you are right Jenna. you have to be so careful what you believe even in the alternative media.

      as far as aj goes, mike ruppert and more recently susan posel have called him out.
      i’ve heard aj himself say that he’s been approached by the lowlifes to put out some distraction and disinfo and he’s obviously taken the bribe.

  5. We don’t need leaders. We need representatives to re-present our voice.
    We don’t have that in this country anymore.
    The fed gov is so far outside of the framework build to supposedly limit them there us only one way to stop them:
    Stop feeding the beast our money.
    Stop supporting them financially.
    It’s YOUR money!

  6. Several decades ago, before Internet, AJ was pretty good at exposing the corruption & NWO cartels on whatever AM radio & shortwave stations would run him. Now-a-days, he’s fallen to the level of just another f*cktard attention whore. A LEADER??? I’m ROFLMAO at such absurdity. I guess if one desired to rake in Internet money, he’d be a good business model.

  7. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

    AJ’s brilliant idea for “reforming” the republic?

    Petition the states… What a crock!

    Let’s not forget to let them RAPE the women, but dont forget it’s your responsibility to speak up!

  8. And Jesse Ventura is no better. People have told me he’s on TV talking about 9-11, and when I ask for details I’m told he’s suggesting the possibility of mini-nukes, scalar weaponry, and all manner of pseudo-scientific non-sense despite chemical analysis, photographs, infra-red satelite imagery, and the testimony of every eye witness all proving that thermite (or thermate) was used to destroy the towers.

    Why would he suggest such non-sense when all available evidence points elsewhere? His job is to forever keep 9-11 truth in the realm of “conspiracy theories” that provide some people with interesting curiosities to ponder, but always implying that there’s not enough evidence to conclude anything, or act upon.

    Once too many people know the truth they have to address it, so they do so in a way that makes it harmless to them.

    1. Actually, JR, I’ve seen some very credible evidence that micro-nukes were used on the twin towers. They have micro-nukes now that are as small as 0.01 megatons, or about 10 tons of TNT.

      The dust from the towers was tested by some independent researchers (non-govt.), and found to be radioactive. The towers only had 7 levels underground, and the rubble that was seen above ground was far less than what should have remained. If you watch the videos, those buildings look like they are literally disintegrating as they collapse. They were partially vaporized, and only nukes could have done that, as far as I know. They may have other weapons that could possibly accomplish the same effect, but I’m not personally aware of such.

  9. If Alex Jones can lead us to victory THEY will kill him, look at Martin Luther King . Yes his way of protesting was somewhat different, change through peaceful resistance but it was still resistance, see what happened to Dr King ? Some state it was not peaceful resistance with all the rioting and violence, that might be just a matter of opinion . My point is anyone that really wishes to stand for TRUE freedom is always eliminated . Alex Jones is certainly not the best spokesman for change, and in some matters it would appear he might have his own hidden agenda . I certainly do not agree with him on the Zionist issue . The absolute truth is a enormous responsibility but WE THE PEOPLE have to act accordingly even if it means REVOLUTION . That might mean a lost of Job, home, family members, even our own lives . One thing is for certain . we cannot change what is happening in the United States and around the world by remaining coach potatoes . is anyone up for the challenge ?

  10. I think all of you make very good points. Alex just drew tons of curious people to his website. I think he mentioned his Infowars URL a couple of times during the interview with Piers Morgan.

    BTW … in the picture above, Alex has blue eyes. In all his videos, he has brown eyes. Can’t help noticing the details.

  11. I think we all should start forming small communities controlled by the Constitution that are separate from the government that we have now. In other words make our own community government under the Constitution and slowly cast out or ignore the government that we have now. If even a small amount of communities do it, it will be enough to put them out of business and ignite a full scale change as more people will be attracted to it and latch on.

    If we do and our corrupt government decides to do another Branch Davidian on one of them, it will only further fuel the cause of liberty, as it is different now than it was before, since many of us know the truth.

    I say form our own little community. Don’t pay the taxes to the government. Don’t follow the rules of the existing government and become separate from them, yet united in the cause of preserving liberty and following the Constitution as our Founding Fathers would have wanted. If the corrupt government comes into play, it will be a game of whack a mole with them and they will get nowhere and we would prevail in the end.

    1. Here is something that was suggested to me that we can all do to put a kink in “their” flow of money.

      If you have a job, have your employer refrain from withholding the federal income taxes all together. Then open up a separate account and put those taxes in that account and don’t touch it because at the end of the year you will have to pay them anyway. But by not paying them on a monthly basis will really put a cuffs on their spending.

      Disclosure: I’m not a tax accountant or tax attorney, so be sure you seek the advice of a professional in that field.

      1. Or better yet, DON’T PAY THEM AT ALL!! Since it is unconstitutional and illegal and the 16 Amendment was never ratified by the states and the IRS and the Fed Reserve are corrupt and unconstitutional entities that need to be extinguished permanently! How about that?

        1. That sounds like a better idea NC. I forgot about that 16th amendment thing. Also the Federal Reserve and the IRS are private entities.

  12. It would seem like a great General would know how to harness Alex’s various forms of “questionable enthusiasm” to the advantage of the Constitutional Collective. Now THAT would be a great LEADER capable of guiding us to Victory.

    1. Hi European American,

      On surface inspection,.. that sounds like a good idea,.. but in practice it would be completely destructive, and here is why:

      Alex Jones is actually a double agent,.. a plant, a fake, a fraud, even though he does seem to offer some “usable allegience”, the fact is, any REAL Patriot that allied himself with AJ, would, as a matter of necessity & course, have to expose AJ for the traitor that he is at some point, and the moment any Patriot leader does that after having aligned himself with AJ,… will undermine his own Leadership Principle, and destroy his own credibility at the same instant.

      Should said leader decide to use such a relationship with AJ, and NOT expose him, then AJ, will as a matter of course, eventually pursue and destroy the credibility of the Patriot Leader, thereby fulfilling his traitorous and double agent role.

      The short term gains, will not be worth the long term costs, so using AJ in any capacity by any real Patriot leadership, is a no-win scenario, period, therefore,… it is not an option.

      Double Agents: It is ok to employ double agents as a means/method of covert ops, BUT,.. as an imperative of Leadership-Integrity and Moral-Superiority, it is wholly incompatible and will only serve to sow the seeds of leadership destruction for the Patriot.

      JD – US Marines – From the Leadership Principles of Sun Tzu, and the US Marines Corps.

      1. @ U S Marine.Speaking of Double Agents, I have heard those rumors before concerning AJ . will not agree or disagree, but you forgot to mention the biggest KGB double agent of all, Barack Hussein Obama .

        1. Hi Leo,

          I did not forget about Monkey-boy,.. he just was not part of the topic at hand.

          As for Monkey-Boy being a KGB agent,.. I’m am inclined to think that it is above even that.

          The Russian banking system is just a corrupted and traitorous to its people, as the Federal Reserve is to us.

          Both banking systems,.. in fact ALL central banking systems, except Syria, Iran, North Korea (and formerly Libya) are owned by the NWO via the IMF, World Bank and BIS.

          This was their grand architiecture right from the start, and achieved its real progress after the creation of the IMF/World bank via the Brettonwoods Conference.

          Although Ocrapo may in fact be little more than KGB,… the KGB is in fact owned by the same nafarious elements of the NWO that own the International Banking/Financing System, as this is the real mechanism of Global Enslavement.

          JD – US Marines – If we ever truly wish to rid ourselves, and our posterity of the spectre of enslavement,.. we will need to arrest, convict and execute most of the International Banksters and Elite Wealthy Families of this planet. The only way to rid ourselves of their disease, it to rid ourselves of their existence.

      2. I certainly respect your comment, JD US Marine, in fact, I find all your comments clear, concise and well thought out, and on this particular comment of yours, 9 times out of 10 I would agree, but it’s that 10% chance that I’m “feeling” a truly qualified commander, one able to adhere to the Constitution while giving everyone that equal chance to do their part, whether those, doing their part, see themselves as supporters or not, of the Constitution. It’s sort of the ‘spiritual side of decision making in the role of leadership’ that is missing today, i.e. utilizing intuition to navigate through the “mind” fields on the battle field. Very few leaders, steeped in integrity and gleaned from Natural Law, have the Consciousness to oversee such a massive operation, i.e. being able to see the bigger picture in relation to decisions made and actions carried out, to preserve overall victory, in the end. I believe the greatest commanders know to use ALL their resources optimally while being truthful to the cause.

        1. European American, any who could or would step up to the “Leadership” role would be “disappeared” by the Govt. or at the least would be caught up in fake scandals or trumped up criminal charges to marginalize them in the eyes of the Militias and the willing Citizens.

          Recent history has shown that to be the case when it came to whistle blowers stepping forward on the 911 event,..JFK murder,..ENRON and LIBOR scandals..
          The good guys are silenced thru threats or actual violence against their family and loved ones.
          While I do believe Leadership is important,..a Centralized Command structure would play right into the Elites hands allowing them to divide and control the Populace.

          This coming hell storm will need be fought Guerrilla style to be effective.
          Their tanks planes and armored vehicles are fierce weapons in any right,..but their Achilles heel is the fact they need plenty maintenance and plenty of fuel.
          Our veterans were trained to operate this equipment…they know the logistics of fielding an army. Cut that supply line and the “SNAKE” dies.

          What Im saying is there are advantages to a formal fighting force but much more advantageous is a “Peoples”army composed of a multitude of 5-7 man assault teams that can strike at all times and places. Its extremely difficult to defend against, much less defeat a force when you have no idea where they are or where they will strike next.

          This was what was so overwhelming to the British during our Revolution…not our standing and Command Structured Continental Army.

        2. If Ron Paul was any proof, there is no great general riding over the hill to come save us, we are the only ones who can save ourselves.

          If there is going to be someone like that they will not try to position themselves as a leader like AJ, the authority will most likely be thrust upon them.

  13. Alex is an asshat disinfo agent. Easy straw man for the authoritarian personality types to point at and say, “see, these people are whack jobs.”

    Alex turns a blind eye to all things Zionist and Israeli. Shill.

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