You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

Published on Jan 21, 2018

WARNING: THIS WILL BOGGLE YOUR MIND. Completely and permanently.

Wetware is defined as “humorous: human brain cells or thought processes regarded as analogous to, or in contrast with, computer systems” and (chiefly in science fiction) “computer technology in which the brain is linked to artificial systems, or used as a model for artificial systems based on biochemical processes.”

No. This is here and now. This is not science fiction. The front man for government Big Brother has been identified and he holds the most disruptive patent ever facing civilization and human evolution.

I interview Thomas Paine who along with Betsy Ross explore the corrupt U.S. Patent Office and how it has laid the digital web over the entire planet. No one will be able to escape unless we act now to sever its hydra-head.

These are critical pieces that accompany and supplement the items discussed and referred.……

6 thoughts on “You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

  1. Humans are a programmable species.

    Take a dog for instance. ..

    They are born with firmware…

    They pee and poop…kill and have a basic hardwired program to be a dog.

    When humans are born… they have know firmware.

    If you left a baby to be raised by gorillas. .

    More than likely that baby would mature to act like a gorilla.

    Were as a dog raised by gorillas would still act by it’s firmware to act like a dog.

    Yes humans are a programmable species.

    It’s a helluva thing to realize that most of your thoughts are not your own.

    Gotta go… I have an uncontrollable urge to pick my butt..smell my own feces..throw poo at people and eat a banana.

  2. Google The Mother Of All Black Ops…..,it’s a very very long read….but the jist of it is there. Acronym TAMI….Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface….technology since 1976 and no need for implants.

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