Will New Hampshire Voters Opt for the Republic and the Constitution?

The corporate elite have effectively gotten away with the duplicity they perpetrated in the Iowa Caucuses.  Now the mainstream propaganda machine is setting the stage for the next act of treachery to be perpetrated in New Hampshire.  On MSNBC one of the treasonous propagandists said that the Ron Paul thing is all over with now and we can get down to the real issues.

Ask yourself, why are the self-proclaimed enemies of the Republicrats so in love with Mitt Romney and why has there not been an in depth investigation and reporting on Rick Santorum’s past, but rather a continuing avocation for him in the mainstream.  The fact is there is no more difference between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Barack Obama than there was between George Bush, John McCain, and Obama.

This is called television, folks.  Everything is a commercial.  You see every four years the corporate elite have to get past we the people in order to continue their occupation of our presidency.  Think about the 2000 election when the elitists failed to stop Al Gore and showed their true colors by invoking absolutism through our so called Supreme Court, which they own, lock, stock, and barrel.

It is the will of we the American people of the American race that Ron Paul be our next president and it is looking like we are going to have to enforce that will physically.

You people in New Hampshire, look at the mainstream propaganda.  Your will has already been nullified because no matter how you vote, when you are finished you have to turn your ballot over to the enemies of the Republic and the Constitution to be counted.

Iowa has proved that the elitists will take whatever measures necessary to stop our people from monitoring the vote.  This being said, I suppose we just soldier on and let these acts of duplicity bring us closer together in our righteous indignation and determination to execute our will.  Mark my words; we are headed for a standoff.

Many of the people of Iowa are upset over the attacks upon them for the results of the caucus.  Many patriots there have stepped up in defense of their fellow Iowans, and that is alright.  If you voted for our Constitution you should not be ashamed of your state.  But as for your fellow Iowans who voted for the status quo, which is the destruction of the Constitution, you should be the ones flooding the net condemning them for their actions.

People of New Hampshire take note, a vote for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, or Jon Huntsman is a vote against the Republic, the Constitution, and we the people.  Like I said, this thing is coming to a head and if we have to take the Republic back by force, every Tory son of a bitching one of you is going to be kicked out of this country forever.

The neo-cons are set in their determination to hold on to the status quo and their power as are the soviet socialists, and that is to be expected.  But for those of you out there knowingly going against our Constitution in order to suck up to these parasites in the hope that they will let you retain that which you have acquired under this criminal system, you will be tried for constructive treason and when found guilty you will be punished.  Be clear on one thing, the patriots of this United States who have just been stripped of their Bill of Rights will never allow this to stand.

A human entity living and working upon the land without rights is a serf.  So it would seem that retched old crone sitting on the throne over there in England has us right back where we were before our first revolution.

Tell you what you pathetic old retch, not only are we going to kick your county’s ass and kick your Tory followers out, but we are going to come over to England, tear down your palace, and throw your pathetic old carcass to the poor people living in your streets.  You will regret your arrogance in thinking you could ever rule the free men and women of the united States of the Americas.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It’s typical of mainstream controlled media to report like this. They are part of the corruption of our society. Prestitute Teleprompter readers that have no morales and are in fear of their paycheck being cancelled. Bought off and cowards; If they had any backbone they would stand up and say on the air, THIS IS ALL A LIE.

      1. That’s why I say that if anyone other than Ron Paul is elected President, this country will only be saved by a revolution like the one that created it.

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