Will Sandy be used to Cancel the Election?

Approximately 6 million people have been affected by the big storm known has Hurricane Sandy.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christy is saying the damage in his state is incalculable but predicts electricity will be turned back on by next week in time for the election.  Some have predicted that the election will be called off because of the big storm.  If there was a purpose to this storm that many believe was directed by HAARP, I don’t think it would be to stop the election but rather as a cover for the lack of participation therein.

I believe the reports of the Twitter threats against both Romney and Obama were designed to send us down this rabbit trail.   At the top all that is important is that the status quo be maintained and no matter who is declared the winner of this fraudulent election, the other will embrace him and acquiesce with full grace.

I will not be participating in the fraud by filling out a ballot that is absolutely meaningless except to the extent that credence is added to the fraud via participation.  I believe the numbers who will abstain from this election is enormous to the point that should the truth be known the election would have to be called null and void.

Some are angry that UN election observers are to be brought in as am I.  They will not be here to document fraud, but rather again to add credence to the fraud as they are the status quo.  The bottom line is, the most densely populated area in the United States, the East Coast, has been put into a state of chaos via the great storm and, just like the chaos created via the storm during the GOP Convention, Sandy will be used for cover.

In short, those people on the East Coast trying to survive will not have the time to diligently observe and report to the fact when hardly anyone shows up at the polls.  And when non-citizens are allowed to vote, it should be just about enough for the propagandists to come forth and say that voter turnout, though low, was sufficient to validate the process.

Anyway, these are my speculations and considering the corrupt state of the mainstream it is about as close as we are going to come to any objective thought in reference to the situation.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Will Sandy be used to Cancel the Election?

  1. There’s that 6 million number again! is this another holocost? better send them poor jews in jewyork and jewjersey a big check for all their suffering. and we can pay reperations to the survivors for the next ten generations who will be traumatised by this storm.

  2. @Bargain bob

    Jusury makes them filthy rich. Martin Luther father of the reformation in 1560 wrote a book entitled The Jews and their Lies. He suggested that they be made do manual work.

  3. I hope no one votes. We will then KNOW that it was cast by the illegals (or the dead whose identity has been taken). The lights are ON in Town N’ Country now! All we need is some ‘clean water action.’ HAHA

  4. Uh – – even IF the whole problem – and the 911 inside job were done by ONLY jews . . . you are blind if you think they got their hands dirty doing ALL of it! You need larger insight . . . they are not the only ones who have an ego that serves itself! Wake up!

    1. No, but the fact remains that they are at the top of the predatory food chain. They just get all the other players in the NWO to do their dirty work for them (such as the U.S. military to do all the fighting for their cowardly @sses), and sit back and reap the profits.

      Wake up yourself.

  5. “If there was a purpose to this storm that many believe was directed by HAARP, I don’t think it would be to stop the election but rather as a cover for the lack of participation therein.”

    I agree with ya, Henry. Since they have been finding out that not many people will be voting this year, this is the perfect cover for them if they have a low voter turn out. The bastards truly think of everything. Even to cover their own sick asses. Goddamnit!! Can’t we ever get the upper hand with this guys? They are so sick and demented, it pisses me off!! These f**kers are like Terminators that will not stop until they are dead and since a majority of the voters are on the East coast and were effected by the hurricane, that eliminates a big portion of the problem. I’m sure they probably wanted to have California to be screwed by a hurricane as well, as the HAARP readings showed earlier signs of something big happening there, as California is kind of a big voter state, too with high population density. Oh well, it seems that they accomplished what they wanted anyways which was to study the effects of HAARP and uphold their election status. Absolute sick bastards!

  6. As long as Obummer doesn’t declare a state of emergency or (God forbid) martial law, I can agree with you, Henry.

    1. Just saw on Fox Business a report on possible election postponements in the states affected by the storm, you know, the East Coast, where a majority of the voters reside. I can see it now, each week the results from another state. And of course the revisions for the week before. They love their numbers, they serve them so well.

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