Will the Communists Exercise the Nuclear Option?

They are calling it the “Nuclear Option”.  Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has proposed ending filibusters, which are an important tool in keeping the minority or the individual from being run over by the majority.  Once again I have heard the imposter Obama refer to my country as a democracy.  My country is not a democracy.  It is a republic wherein the rights of the individual trump the whims and wants of the majority.

This Nuclear Option is another attempted power grab by the Zion communists and, considering the dictatorship that has already been declared, it makes perfect sense.  Once the Senate has declared majority rule, I guess they can make any further rule changes they want, like doing away with the requirement for a two-thirds majority to override a veto.  Or maybe the two-thirds majority needed to ratify a treaty, like the UN Small Arms Treaty.

This is not our government, they are self appointed and in violation of every concept of law our nation was founded upon.  They are illegitimate and have no authority over any American national.

I don’t know how far these insurgents intend to go in documenting their treason in hopes that their procedural treachery is just somehow accepted.  Isn’t this like someone walking up to you with a gun and asking you nicely before he rapes your wife, somehow believing that you will accept the situation because he asked nicely?

Ironically, this attempted change of the filibuster rule can be filibustered.  It will be interesting to see if it is, that is, if it moves forward.  You see they have just said they might change the rule to test the waters.   If there is no response from we the people, what do you want to bet it goes through without a filibuster?

Don’t forget, this Senate okayed the National Defense Authorization Act with military arrests and indefinite detention for American nationals.  They have acquiesced to Obama’s personal kill list.  They are traitors absolute.  The fact is being a traitor is a prerequisite to being a part of the insurgency don’t you think?

If they want to know what we think of their latest grab for power, we should make our will known.  Buy more guns, more bullets, and more filibuster hemp rope.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Will the Communists Exercise the Nuclear Option?

  1. Piece by piece, little by little, bit by bit. That’s how these devious scumbag bast@rds work. One thing at a time, then, if there’s no major uproar, on to the next one. I keep wondering WHEN they’re going to cross the line far enough for the sheeple to take notice, en masse.

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