Will the Government End Unemployment in 2012?

The stock market’s up, record Black Friday sales, record Cyber Monday sales, oh come all yea faithful, it’s that time of year again when we start attacking the poor and unemployed for being poor and unemployed.  How many of you out there know that if we stopped sending unemployment checks unemployment would end immediately?  No, it is true.  You see if we stop sending the checks and kicked all the unemployed off of the unemployment rolls, the unemployment rate would go to zero, because the unemployment number is calculated by using the number of unemployed receiving unemployment benefits.

The neo-cons are now pushing to stop any renewal of federal unemployment benefits; hence all unemployment would stop at 27 weeks.  And then they can come on FOX News and say the economy has been renewed and of course as previously mentioned, they will have the numbers to support their claim.

Record corporate profits, the unemployment rate down to a mere 4%, but what of the 25 million people out of work?  Well don’t worry about them.  They’ll figure something out.  And if you are among the lucky few who get to go on in this new economy, why should you care about the unemployed, aside from wanting them out of the streets and out of your way?

Well I’ll tell you why.  Because you are next.  There are twelve bills in committee right now for expanded work visa programs so the corporate elite can bring high tech labor into the United States to work your high tech jobs for $5 per hour, no taxes and no benefits.

And what of the record sales for the Christmas season?  Well its true record dollars have been spent, but the consumer is getting less product for those dollars because those dollars are being devaluated through accumulated debt exchange with every tick of the clock.  The people who spent more this Christmas season did not do so because they are making more.  The fact is they are making less and the money they are spending is coming out of their savings accounts or through accumulating more debt, which will drive the value of the dollars in their pockets down even more.

I really don’t think anyone is buying into this crap, but just in case you are make sure to come back and visit this site in April after all the tax receipts have been turned in and the elites are forced to balance the books in order to realize their profits and transfer your wealth into their overseas accounts.

If you’ve listened to the mainstream propaganda lately, you have noticed that the words, “Ron Paul” have become taboo as the elitists have reached the point that the very mention of the man’s name scares the hell out of them.  They are desperate, not to avoid the prosecution they so richly deserve, but to maintain the status quo.  You have to realize this massive theft of our resources has become like a drug to them.  They need it and without it they will go into withdrawals.

Be advised, they cannot stop themselves, but we can and we will when we elect Ron Paul as our next president in 2012.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. What a sad bunch of statements and all 100% true. This is what’s going on, very few jobs and low wages.

    As we all know there is a lot not so funny business going on with the job numbers. I won’t go into them all, but you ever ask yourself out of those numbers (I mean the ones that are actually real jobs) what kind of jobs are they? We all need to start asking that, what kind of jobs are they and what do they pay?

    Unemployment hasn’t been extended so the numbers don’t look as bad as they are and also so we become desperate and take whatever kind of job comes our way. Have we really come to this? I guess so.

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