Will the International Banksters Replace the Petro Dollar with the Blood Dollar?

blood dollarThe petro dollar is on its way out and many, including myself, are wondering what the corporate mafia’s next move will be.  All appearances indicate that the new world order agenda is quite out of sync as it does not look like gun confiscation in the US can be accomplished before the crash of the dollar.

Could it be that the illuminati will attempt to up the ante through United Nation control over the sale of weaponry around the planet?  How about bolstering the petro dollar via the blood dollar and putting the industrial war complex up on point while moving the oil industry back into the ranks of the main body? 

The US invaded Libya to stop that country from instituting a campaign to move oil trade away from the US petro dollar towards the gold dinar.  The fact is the countries now slated for invasion are those that refuse the central banks and the dominating and controlling petro dollar.

The international banksters have overreached and now need to stall for the time needed to incrementally accomplish gun confiscation in the United States through the gradual implementation of the full blown police state.  Will this time be bought with the blood dollar?

If all sales and transfers of weapons and armament fall under UN control, could not a dictate follow that says this product, like oil, can only be traded in the fiat US dollar?  Then the agitation of more internal wars all over Africa in places like Mali, and the new arms sales they would represent, could be the mechanism to prop up the dollar for a little while longer.  At the same time the UN small arms treaty could be used to disarm the American people with the aid of United Nation troops.

If such a plan was followed logically, could not the so called military style weapons confiscated from we Americans be repackaged and sold to opposing factions in Africa?  The internationals can then belay the collapse of the dollar while arming both sides in the African conflicts, and in the end, decide who would win the conflict simply by cutting arms sales to the advantage of the faction that agrees to turn over the African gold to the banksters, who are desperate to replace the gold missing from Fort Knox.

Of course many innocents will be murdered in the process, but as these Zionists consider all the other peoples of the world as nothing more than herd animals to be slaughtered to the benefit of Zion, would not the blood dollar make sense?

God help us to truly understand just how evil and diabolical the Zionists are.

2 thoughts on “Will the International Banksters Replace the Petro Dollar with the Blood Dollar?

  1. “God help us to truly understand just how evil and diabolical the Zionists are.”

    That sentence alone makes an important point. Many people raised in decent Christian societies don’t see the truth because they can’t imagine people being as ruthlessly evil as these Zionists are.

    You have to consider how every army has always taught its soldiers to easily kill the enemy by first teaching them they’re less then human, usually by attaching a name to them such as “gook, nip, dink”, or something to that effect, and then burying them with war propaganda about incubator babies, or babies caught on bayonets, or some other atrocity.

    Well according to the army attacking us, we’re all “goyim”, and we’ve all devoted our lives to exterminating the Jews, which of course, is non-sense, but it works to unite them against us, and this is partly the reason they can treat us with cruelty and suffer no remorse.

  2. The petro dollar is the only thing that’s kept the economy of this country propped up for decades. Once it totally collapses, the entire economy follows suit.

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