Will the Republican Party Expel Ron Paul in an Attempt to Stop the Revolution?

It seems everyone out here is ecstatic over the drive to impeach Obama, somehow believing this is all we need to do to save our Republic.  It is discomforting seeing so called patriot websites and broadcasts pushing this unrealistic theory.  Isn’t it a little late in the game for an impeachment?  And even if such a process were to go forward, could it be accomplished before the November election?

What if Obama is impeached right after being elected?  Would this mean President Joe Biden and Vice-President Hillary Clinton for the next four years?  Oh yeah, that would definitely stop the socialist invasion and reinstate the Republic.  I think we had all better remember that Premier Obama has put the mechanisms in place to clamp down with his police state if he feels threatened in any way.

The Ron Paul campaign continues to thrive in spite of the deliberate propaganda blitz designed to dismiss his candidacy through a complete denial of his existence.  Even with Rick Santorum dropping from the race, Mitt Romney would have to win every state left in order to secure the nomination through the rules.  This is a mathematical impossibility as Ron Paul will continue to win delegates right on through the primaries and caucuses.

This being said, a brokered GOP convention must be considered an absolute at this point.  This is simple addition and subtraction, which apparently those is in the mainstream media are incapable of, as they are presently reporting a national contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, when Mitt Romney has in no way secured the GOP nomination.

The fact that neither the soviet socialist Democratic nor the national socialist Republican owned media will report this undeniable reality, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are united in the cause of preserving the elitist socialist status quo.

The American people of the American race are going to continue to turn out for Dr. Paul.  This being said, when June 26th rolls around and the primaries and caucuses are finished and Mitt Romney does not have the required number of delegates, what then?  Will the propagandists stop reporting the national election as being between Romney and Obama?  Wouldn’t this be a little embarrassing?

I have to believe that the Republican Party is getting ready to expel Dr. Paul.  In reality this is the only way they can stop the brokered convention, and to suggest that they would not do this would fly in the face of the reality of the election fraud we have seen take place in literally every primary and caucus without exception.

Couple this with the fact that Russia has announced that it expects to be in a conflict with the United States by summer in retaliation for a US/Israeli invasion of Iran and/or Syria, well it would leave one to wonder if there will even be an election.  Remember, under any emergency Barack Obama now has the authority to seize every resource in our country, and that includes us.  Under such an authority, if we the people are seized by the government, could Obama not just simply say the election is suspended as a matter of national security?

We the people had better come to grips with the power this insurgency is attempting to seize.  They would not have come this far if they had any intent of backing out.  I believe they are scared, but as they are also criminally insane and the stakes are so high, they will make the attempt, in spite of the fact that they know they will be destroyed in the end.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Will the Republican Party Expel Ron Paul in an Attempt to Stop the Revolution?

  1. Er? are you trying to say that Barrack Obama (Sotero) isn’t an American (nooooo!) Oh my god where have i been?, And the media in the USA (United Socialist America) isn’t free and fair (help). “Eeeer” and who is this Ron Paul bloke (never heard of him before) Aghast!He stands for the constitution? Whats that then? and what is going on?
    I thought this Mitt Romney guy was conservative? What do you mean when you try and tell me he cant win?!!!!!! (oh damn). I mean we cant just go vote for anyone we want? Can we? I mean not if they have a “poor constitution”?
    The American people asleep (come on you have to be kidding right?) “right”.I’m shocked. How dare you tell me the truth to my face!?
    Where is democracy going, if the people stop lying through their back teeth, and start being honest, Honestly!!!?
    The last time I looked, it was all apple pie and peaches. Heavens forbid that it turns out that the Disjointed States
    has been blowing the wrong people up for that thing that happened a decade ago ( you know the one. You remember? When the ARABS crashed those jets into the WTC but forgot to leave there real passports at home!!)
    Good grief don’t dare tell me that metal doesn’t melt if you pour petrol on it!.
    I would go on but i think I have had enough reality for one day. Right! that’s it I am going to roll over and go back to sleep.

  2. We heard the same hysterical idea from the left when Bush was president – that Bush might suspend the elections to ensconce himself in power.

    The thing you have to realize is that Bush, Obama, Clinton are all puppets and the puppetmasters have one achilles heel – they need to maintain the illusion that the system is not too corrupt and elections matter. Obama would be paid off to lose the election before the elites asked him to suspend the election. Bush Sr. took an obvious fall in 1992 for the team, Obama would do the same thing.

    Impeachment would not change anything but it would unravel a bit of the corruption and bring light to the process. Obama would go down fighting, and no doubt start releasing the dirt he has on Bush and the Republicans -As far as I’m concerned that’s one of the best reasons to support impeachment – let them all squirm a bit.

  3. They are going to try to use fraudulent numbers to say that Romney has the required number of delegates before the convention date arrives. If they insist on nominating Romney, then Ron Paul will have to run as a third party candidate. Romney and Obama are one and the same, both are disastrous for America!

  4. There is a big difference between Bush and Obama.
    Bush is a neo-con who was put into office to destroy our economy like he destroyed every business he ever owned. Mission accomplished.
    Obama, on the other hand, was groomed from an early age by the CIA for his mission, which is to bring in a soviet regime, disarm the American people, dissolve the Republic, and transform the United States into a one world soviet state. He cannot fail as any such failure would spell doom for the one worlders.
    If you cannot see that this soviet socialist insurgency is moving towards a Bolshevik regime intent on disarming and exterminating our population, you have some more waking up to do. They didn’t just purchase 750 million rounds of ammunition to be dispersed to agencies like the Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife to protect the squirrels and fish. We cannot be stupid enough to ignore the danger that is looking us right in the eyes.
    As for this impeachment, what nonsense. Even if it did occur, Obama would just be replaced by his Zionist controller, Joe Biden, who would no doubt make Hillary Clinton the Vice President.
    You have obviously not been hit by the full force of this internationalist attack on our country. Fortunately there are 50 million of us out here who have and are standing ready to drive these socialist bastards from our country.

  5. Even if you vote for who you want, the electronic voting machines are programmed to give your vote to the candidate you DID NOT vote for. How about that !! Doesn’t anyone remember Florida and Bush Vs Gore in the 2000 presidential robbery ???? There was a special on HBO where it was revealed that Diebold voting machines were setup with software that caused votes cast for Al Gore to be tallied for GW. In that year neither candidate was very desirable and I personally abstained. The next time around I wanted to do a “write-in” vote for Dr. Paul and was told I could not cast a “write in” vote that this was not allowed. This year is a another good year to abstain or do you want the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right ????? Not much of a choice is it ?

  6. I will not abstain. We can no longer ignore this problem. You are absolutely right about the election fraud but it has come to the point that if an election will not fix this situation a full blown revolution will…and must!
    In short, either they can clean up and remove the corruption or we will clean up and remove them.

  7. If they were to kick him out of the republican party pre convention, I think we may see the inception of a new rpbook or some other digitally organized third way. My understanding of a write in for RP in Texas would lead to a count for the republican nominee. I’d vote for RP on third party thinking it would be miscounted maybe at the state level, as we still have a paper option. Isn’t August 28 a little too close to November 6 to get a third party on 50 ballots? I hope the estimation from Russia is wrong, but the last bricks have been laid.

  8. Ron Paul has never claimed that he can or will save us from ourselves.He has encouraged us to study money creation,history and wake up.

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