7 thoughts on “Will the U.S. INVADE Texas over this? They just might

  1. Why does she call it a “manifesto” at the 10:25 mark? Is she implying this is a terrorist document?

  2. It’s up for a vote, mistake number 1.
    If the people of Texas want these things, they’re going to have to take them.

    1. This will never pass. They tried it a few years back to get rid of the TSA. The Feds threatened to shoot any plane down that didn’t have TSA.

      Texas can sustain itself but in the end, the Fed government will just blockade the Gulf of Mexico and will bombard Texas with an aerial assault if a war ever broke out over it. Texas can win land and/or naval battles but has very little protection from aerial assaults.

      1. I do believe the Texas National Guard has their own airplanes, don’t they? Along with every other implement of war. And if these pricks tried dropping bombs on America, the whole country would unleash on their ass.
        Of course you understand, if Texas succeeds it will be argued that their people are no longer under the protection of the Bill of Rights and you will have yourself a theocracy with fifty factions cutting one another’s throats, vying for their interpretation of the Bible to be the law in that land.

        1. Very interesting comment, Henry…that fifty factions cutting each other’s throats part, and yes, Christian Zionism is quite strong in Texas, unfortunately (and it isn’t just “rabbi” Hagee and Abbott and Costello, either…Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah).

          Technically secession seems like a good idea, but you know the meme “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

          Finally, it might be close but I don’t see Texas voters choosing secession–too many on SS and MC and disabilities and pensions relating to US military and govt. handouts…Texas gets more govt. handouts than even Commiefornia or NY!

          So nice try, but likely won’t happen. Unfortunately, too many folks in Texas are too reliant on the federal govt. Plus, if one remains a US citizen while being a citizen of Texas, these folks would STILL have to pay US Federal Income Tax! If they give up their US citizenship, they lose out on SS and MC benefits besides…. Just sayin’ So I don’t think it’ll work at this point. The new “republic of Texas” govt. would have to replace these programs somehow (and you better not put Rick McLaren in charge of anything! He’s a psycho as “senator” John Cornyn!).

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