With Hate Crimes Surging, Lawmakers Want Minimum Standard Curriculum For Holocaust Lessons In NY Sch

Apr 29, 2021
With hate crimes surging in New York, critics say the state is failing to teach students a vital lesson. The state mandates schools have lessons about the Holocaust but does not specify what or how much. Lawmakers want to change that; CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports.

2 thoughts on “With Hate Crimes Surging, Lawmakers Want Minimum Standard Curriculum For Holocaust Lessons In NY Sch

  1. most of y’all know how I think about a lot of things. I posted under Morris Adams for years. just a fake internet name.. but now i have to do everything on my phone so no need in a fake name and all that. I do not believe in nukes.. satellites.. moon landing.. the globe.. aliens.. outer space.. and especially the holohoax. all that’s ok because I damn sure hunerd cent believe in the Bill of Rights and I am anti everything any govt does… that being said the truth is like a lion. you don’t have to defend it. let it loose and it defends itself.. ALL the things that they force down our throats through repetition is a lie. you don’t have to remember the truth and that means you can’t forget it. so you ain’t gotta be told SIX MILLION times. when every frikin movie is about jooz or aliens or pOlice or faggitts .. whatever.. if you are beat over the head with it.. it’s fake.. a hoax.. a ruse.. A LIE.. it’s called programming for a reason.. I confess.. I watched the NFL draft last night .. you shoulda seen the freaky fans that were in attendance.. if those people cared as much about freedom and liberty as they do about the J E T S JETS JETS JETS!! none of the shit we’re going through would’ve ever even happened. we have become supremely obsessed with the irrelevant immaterial meaningless goings on of the day to the point where we scoff at and laugh and mock those trying to… enlighten us. though you can see plain as day trade center controlled demolition people still think A-rabs with box cutters did it.. just like those crammed against the doors on black Friday.. they are lost.. but they remain. they will not hail us heroes for trying to save them but will and already do hate us for.. rocking the boat.. school is the devil’s workshop and playground.. yet no one will take their kids out because of this.. because those black Friday shoppers believe it themselves. we really need to go UNforward to about 1850.. shut off the lights and water.. and wipe that whole Ball of Spaghetti off the table. anything less is pointless. it’s so deep it can’t be fixed or worked from. we have to start over from ground up.

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